Every Foodie Experience Worth Ticking Off At Circular Quay

By Chloe Sputore
23rd Jan 2017

Late last year we uncovered Sydney’s foodie paradise at Circular Quay and things just keep getting better at this culinary mecca with even more stellar openings cropping up over the last few months.

We don’t know about you, but we’re partial to playing tourist in our glorious city, and Circular Quay is one of the best spots to do just that, especially on the weekend when eating breakfast, lunch and dinner out of the house are all on the cards. And the best place to do it all is at the Gateway dining precinct.

With summer weekends and the Australia Day long weekend on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to plan your weekend adventures at Gateway. Here’s every foodie experience worth ticking off at Circular Quay.

Dim Sum From Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung claim their dumplings to be the world’s tastiest, and we’re not gonna lie, we think they might be right. Get yourself a steaming basket of dumpling gems in all the colours of the rainbow, throw in a few pork buns and you’ve got yourself the breakfast of foodie dreams.

Laksa From Jimmy’s Recipe

Serving some of Sydney’s cheapest and best Malaysian food, Jimmy’s Recipe has found a home along with the rest of foodie paradise at Gateway in Circular Quay. We’re big fans of Jimmy’s laksa and starting from only $7.30 for the vego option, can you really complain? Grab yourself a serve of roti canai with your spare change and you’re good to go.

The Alfajor From Popina Kitchen

From the same legends that brought you North Bondi’s Shuk, in collaboration with everyone’s favourite Italian, Salt Meats Cheese, Popina Kitchen is all about Turkish, Lebanese, Italian, Israeli and Argentinian eats. The menu features plenty of golden options like ravioli, empanadas, labne and pizza, but our pick of the bunch goes to top notch dessert, The Alfajor—dulce de leche mousse served with coconut ice cream and coconut dust. Yum!

Pav-lova Cereal From Zumbo

Here’s one from Zumbo to stash in your bag so you can enjoy a slice of Circular Quay’s foodie goodness from the comfort of your own home. Filled with crisp meringue, puffed rice, macadamias, passionfruit and freeze-dried raspberries, mango and strawberries, if you can’t wait ‘til you get home, grab some ice cream from Messina and then a seat in the lovely Jessie Street Gardens and whip yourself up a dessert concoction fit for a chef.

American Cheese From Burger Project

The brainchild of Neil Perry, Burger Project’s burgers have been said to be among some of the world’s best and we’re not going to get into an argument with Mr Perry about that. The American Cheese burger is out of this world, made with grass fed beef, onion, pickles, secret sauce and rose mayo (fancy!). Pair it with a side of chips with sichuan pepper salt and a Valrhona chocolate thick shake, because why the hell not?

Salted Caramel White Chocolate Gelato From Messina

It’s no surprise this flavor is Messina’s best seller, the combo of salt, caramel and white chocolate is too good to be true. While you’re there, do as every other foodie does, and get a few samples just so you can be sure this is your fave. We also like the salted coconut and dairy free chocolate sorbet.

Khanom Pung Nah Goong From Chat Thai

We lurve the khanom pung nah goong from Chat Thai, firstly because it’s fun to say and secondly because it’s all kinds of tasty. But what is it, you say? Well, it’s crispy fried prawn mousseline toast served with house pickles. And to make matters better, it’s only a starter so you can choose any number of dishes from the very long menu at Chat Thai to fill the rest of your belly up with.

To celebrate the opening of the urban oasis that is the Jessie Street Gardens, Gateway is also offering free weekend yoga until the end of February. Taking place on Saturday and Sunday mornings you can book your spot here and enjoy feeling slightly less guilty about all the food you’re going to devour afterwards.

Plus, if you're looking for somewhere to celebrate Chinese New Year in Sydney, look no further. From 27 January to 12 February, Gateway will be paying homage to the 12 signs of the zodiac with three-metre, light up sculptures on show. They're pretty speccy, so be sure to stop by on your next Circular Quay outing.  

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