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Everywhere You Can Cuddle Baby Animals In Sydney

By Jessica Best
2nd Nov 2017

Baby Animals

Before you say anything—you’re welcome. We’re crashing your working week with possibly the most important list of them all. Cue bouncy little fluffballs and… well that’s about all there is to it really. We know that’s really all it really takes to cheer you up today. Again, you’re welcome.

We’re never too old for a major cuddle party with a few baby (did we mention how fluffy they’ll be?!) animals so cancel your weekend brunch plans and ditch the dancefloor, you’ve got more important things to do.

Here’s everywhere you can steal cuddle baby animals this spring!

Calmsley Hill City Farm

Brace yourselves because these guys are not short on baby animals, in fact you’ll get your lifetime’s worth of cuteness at this spot. Located just off the M7 at Elizabeth Drive, you’ll get the chance to ride a tractor, go for a picnic on the fields, camp overnight (if that’s your thing) and what we’re all really here for—feed a heap of nursery animals. Think tiny chicks, joeys, lambs, piglets and guys… you may even find a few cattle dog pups running around! We die.

When: Open every day, 9-4:30pm
Where: 31 Darling St, Abbotsbury 
Cost: $25.50 per person

Golden Ridge Animal Farm

Golden Ridge Animal Farm totally understands our need to pick up anything and everything cute so expect to get up close and personal with chicks, ducklings and bubba rabbits. Now, we know you’re all here for the newbies but can we point out that Larry the Llama is well worth your time while you’re out here too.

When: Monday-Friday 10:15am arrival, Saturday-Sunday 10:45 arrival 
Where: 686 Old Norther Road, Dural
Cost: $15 per person

Rouse Hill & Farm

Rouse Hill and Farm is an epic visit always but come the school holidays, you’ll find more than a few more fluffy animals running around. You’ll have to book tickets for this one but it’s well worth it because you’ll also get to completely roam the farm and score some one-on-one quality snuggle time with new calves, horses, chickens and lambs.

When: Spring school holidays, hourly sessions from 10am-2pm
Where: 356 Annangrove Road, Rouse Hill
Cost: $12 per person

Oakville Farm 

Yeah, sign us up for allll the bottle-feeding. The legends at Oakville Farm is actually letting peasants like us feed delicate baby animals (why they would trust us, we have no idea) and no biggie but the Oakville babies are seriously cute. You’ll need to pack some self-control for this trip team, these little farm fluffies can’t come home with you (sorry!).

When: Everyday, 11am and 2pm
Where: 3 Oakville Drive, Port Stephens
Cost: $28.50

Roses Vineyard 

Wine and baby animals. There isn’t another thing that rings closer to what heaven on earth would truly look like for us. In other words, this is the only place you need to spend your time this spring. There are super delicious lunches and treats perfect to graze on and you’ll also get to cuddle up with and bottle-feed baby chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, cattle, goats, alpacas and wait for it… puppies (sometimes).

When: Farm open Friday-Sunday 10am-5pm, bottle-feeding at 10am and 3pm
Where: 132 Apaine Rd, Lake Innes, Port Macquarie
Cost: $10 per person

Meanwhile, these cute AF Guide Dog puppies need your love. 

Image credit: Unsplash

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