Fave 5 Redfern Cafés

By Zo Zhou
4th Aug 2015

Best Sydney Cafe Redfern
Best Sydney Cafe Redfern
Best Sydney Cafe Redfern
Best Sydney Cafe Redfern
Best Sydney Cafe Redfern
Best Sydney Cafe Redfern
Best Sydney Cafe Redfern
Best Sydney Cafe Redfern
Best Sydney Cafe Redfern
Best Sydney Cafe Redfern

When we love something we really, truly LOVE something! And that’s exactly how we feel about our new relationship! Some things just go together. Like cookies and cream, Brandon and Brenda… The Urban List and MINI!

Our two families have collaborated to bring discerning readers and drivers a new fortnightly series – MINI Fave 5s. The must-try guide to Sydney, celebrating the launch of the new MINI 5-door hatch!

So, Urban Listers, clear the diary and get excited for our Fave 5s. There’s a whole year of eating, drinking and discovering to be done…

Formerly known for unsavoury characters, Redfern is now known for some of the best cafés in Sydney, with the crowds now rivalling Surry Hills for size. At first glance it’s as if the cafés are downplaying themselves in all their rustic minimalism, but the food and coffee will surprise and charm you.

This is where childhood favourites meet man-friendly barbeque and meaty manwiches. Where brunch classics turn up the volume on the crunch and the creaminess. Best of all, none of it will cost you an arm or a leg.

Here are our fave five Redfern cafés right now. Let’s go!

Three Williams

Elizabeth Street

We have no problem coming up with three reasons that Three Williams café is so beloved. It’s home to some of Sydney’s crunchiest French toast, courtesy of a cornflake coating and toasty nuts. The signature narnies are a testament to Sydney’s best food mash-ups, with unexpected touches like chilli caramel, or cumin spiced eggplant and sriracha mayo. And finally, the house made sodas make you feel like you’re re-living cocktails from the night before.

St Jude

Bourke Street

Blink and you’d be forgiven for missing this quirky little café, which blends in to the Bourke Street terraces like a long-standing local. Most will have heard about St Jude thanks to their legendary corn and pumpkin fritters. This crunchy, lightly spiced affair sits atop avocado cream, balanced out with a seasonal salad. For something a little different, tuck in to the rich and sumptuous cherry French toast, complete with mascarpone and maple syrup.

Kepos St Kitchen

Kepos Street

This bright, sunny café is where modern Middle Eastern meets the Mediterranean. Beautiful dishes throughout the day blend our favourite spices with fresh, punchy herbs. There’s a good reason for the hungry crowds that surround Kepos St Kitchen. If you’re content to bask in the sun while your table vacates, their creamy home made hummus is something to behold, studded with pine nuts, parsley and extra virgin olive oil. Feeling impatient? Little sister café Kepos & Co is just around the corner if you need a creamy hummus fix, stat.

Scout’s Honour

George Street

Pretty much everything about Scout’s Honour is as cute as its name would suggest, except perhaps for the size of their sandwiches! The soups and salads are magazine-worthy, the space is super tight and cosy, and you get a mandarin with your sanga (Mum would be proud). The sandwiches are the real star of the show though, with as much tasty filling as the malty brown bread (the way a sandwich ought to be really). These change seasonally, but the 12-hour roast lamb sandwich had our mouths watering with roast honey carrots, tahini yoghurt, hazelnut dukkah, currants, fresh mint and rocket.

Communion Coffee 

Redfern Street

Where there’s smoke, there’s now also good coffee. During the week, Communion Coffee are dedicated to crafting perfect cuppas of White Horse Coffee of the Sutherland roaster variety (served up at West Juliett). Come the weekend though, this new Redfern café is bringing two of our favourite things together—coffee and barbeque. The smoker continues to get a little workout during the week too, and you’ll find these smoky treats filling their ever-changing sandwiches and salads on offer. 

We're thrilled to partner with MINI to bring you our Fave 5 series—our fortnightly guide to the best of the best in Sydney. From food to fashion, Campari to Crossfit, each Fave 5 edition is researched and recommended by The Urban List, and driven by the new MINI 5-Door Hatch—putting the city at your fingertips and giving you the freedom to explore it!

Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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