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Gelato Flowers Are Now A Thing In Sydney

By Ange Law
24th Jan 2017

Best gelato Sydney

Not that we needed another reason to eat gelato (we really didn’t), Sydney gelato joint, i-Creamy, are giving us one more. These guys have created some of the prettiest gelato, literally petal by petal—see what we did there? In case you hadn't guessed, we’re talking about their gelato flowers, which are way more exciting than your average scoop and approximately 3 million times cuter. 

This is the place to head after a first date dinner and it’s also the place for anyone who can never decide which flavour gelato to order. That’s because you can choose one flavour, or turn your gelato into a rainbow cone, with each petal a different flavour (and colour). We recommend that you go all out and order as many flavours as they let you, because variety is the spice of life and all that jazz. 

To track i-Creamy down, head here

If you're looking for more gelato, here are our favourites in Sydney.

Image credit: i-Creamy

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