It Just Got A Helluva Lot Easier To Upload Your GoPro Vids To Insta

By Yvonne Lam
28th Jun 2018


If you went skydiving and the GoPro’s not on Insta, did it even happen? You can tell your grandkids about it later on, but how can you let your best buds know...right now?

GoPro have released a new app feature that lets you share your adventure photos and videos straight to your Instagram story. And yes, of course this is important news. It used to take exactly a million steps export your vids from your GoPro cam before uploading to your profile. We're talking laptops, SD card adaptors and many minutes (look, we didn’t want to exaggerate) of frustration in between. But with the new feature, it’s just a breezy few taps away. 

Plus, you can trim, crop or zoom the photos and videos of you swimming with dolphins / getting gnarly on a skateboard / shopping for your groceries (we call it “extreme errand-running”) on the go. 

You can get it at the Apple Store or Google Play stores right freaking now.

Bet you're into rock climbing too. 

Image credit: via Unsplash

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