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Hey Mr. We’re Talking About You

By Jessica Best
12th Apr 2017

It’s no secret that the inner-west is buzzing with foodie gems. As lovers of all things coffee, quality nosh and insta-worthy heritage establishments, you too have probably made a few visits to possibly the most delicious thoroughfare in Sydney. We’re talking Darling Street, Balmain guys (in case you hadn’t guessed).


If there’s ever a rumour going about that an epic brunch joint has popped up in one of the tastiest precincts around, I will happily take one for the team and put myself in a well-earned food coma. I can confirm: Mr. knows how to do this. Because putting breakfast donuts, booze and Will & Co. coffee in the one place is always a good idea.

As a major breakfast enthusiast (read: total brunch wanker), I pride myself in forever ordering up a big ol’ plate of something tasty and beautiful. So, let’s just say as soon as I walked into the plant-adorned nook of Mr. I knew this place would totally and undeniably be my jam. If the waft of fresh preserves, bread (the Bread and Butter Project kind) and all the baked goods, doesn’t tickle your fancy, the kind of quasi-luxe but still super chilled fit-out will. Think concrete floors, a wall dedicated entirely to lush ferns, wooden seating and a front-of-house patio equipped with a staple parasole. 

Lucky for us (and the rest of you Sydney-slickers who are indecisive AF), Mr. is one of the considerate foodie havens who haven’t put your run-of-the-mill time cap on drinking and eating. With drinks at 10am and breaky goods available all day, this spot is a win for all the not-quite-adulting adults out there.

Choosing a single plate was a challenge. How is one supposed to choose between the cheeseburger with signature in-house ketchup and the Mr. muffin, which supposedly had the juiciest ham on earth? Naturally, we got both. 


When these two bad boys landed on our table a wave of “I am a food-selecting God” hit me harder than my first ever hangover. We started with the glorious hunk of carbed-up and cheesy goodness aptly named: the cheeseburger. This one was a total win for the burger-loving folk, with tender beef, melted American cheese, pickles and house tomato ketchup. Now for the signature Mr muffin, which is packed with all the tasty staples. Lightly toasted (aka perfectly crunchy), with egg, American and tasty cheese, the secret Mr. BBQ sauce (sometimes containing espresso, sometimes containing jalapeno) and of course, the seriously juicy, lip-smacking and grilled ham off the bone. 

Taking full advantage of booze o’clock (in case you need reminding, it’s 10am onwards) meant a Will & Co espresso martini was well on the cards. It’s also worth noting that the martini glass is lined with ginger crumb. We finished off brunch with the famed breakfast donut, which is kind of a big deal around these parts. It’s a pillowy ball of sweetness, powdered with cinnamon, served with grilled peach, honey and ginger crumb, stuffed with fluffy ricotta and of course, you get the glorious task of pouring as much glossy syrup over this lush dough treat. So you’re probably going to pour all of it.

Safe to say, if a food coma and eating all things in decadent fashion is on your list of things to do, Mr. is plating up one helluva brunch feed. He’s definitely a condiment king and let’s be honest, when boozy breakfasts are a thing, we’re already totally on board. Make sure you grab some delish baked goods on your way out too, bypassing the cookies and chia jam donuts isn’t really an option.

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Image credit: Carla Gibbs

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