Holidays That You Should Be Celebrating In October

By Martha Brooke
5th Oct 2016

Holidays That You Should Be Celebrating In October

If exam stress is getting you down, your boss has reached a new level of stupidity or you just want a damn good excuse to take say cheers, then look no further. 

Here at The Urban List, we have curated a list of ‘holidays that should be taken seriously’ to give you that Friday feeling all week long!

1st October - International Coffee Day

Not that we really need a holiday to celebrate this beloved liquid, but hey ho, we’ll take one! Whether you’re more of a trim, 1/2 strength, almond milk kinda gal or like your coffee how you like your men (tall, dark and strong) we can all come together and celebrate our nation’s favourite beverage!

2nd October - Name Your Car Day

If you haven’t given your car a name, you shouldn’t even own one! Come on, Rhonda the Honda has feeling’s too ya know. Now’s your chance to redeem yourself. Take the day to celebrate your motor vehicle, take him or her for a spin and shout their name from the sunroof!

3rd October - Boyfriend’s Day

Whether he remembered an anniversary or just remembered to take out the trash, boyfriends can have their good moments, so why not celebrate your other half on this celebratory holiday day? Let him upgrade to a large meal, let him choose the Netflix series and just take the day to show him that you truly care.

4th October - Vodka Day

Some would argue that Vodka is better than any boyfriend and we might be inclined to agree (sometimes!). Although it falls on a Tuesday, there’s no excuse to race to the bars for after work drinks and celebrate this potato distilled spirit. Why not check out this list of top Auckland bars to give you a few ideas. One Bloody Mary please!

7th October - Bathtub Day

Now this is a holiday we wish was marked every day on our calendars! Slip into a bubble-filled pool of scented goodness and waste the day away seeing how wrinkly you can get.

9th October - Mouldy Cheese Day

Grab your crackers, dish out your chutneys and round up your friends for a good old fashioned cheese and wine night. Say goodbye to Brie and Camembert and hello to our smelly and stinky friends, gorgonzola and stilton. Throw a mouldy cheese party, dance around to cheesy tunes and r ’n’ brie anthems and get ready to stink your house out!

18th October - Chocolate Cupcake Day

Everyone loves chocolate. Everyone loves cupcakes. So why not combine the two and enjoy chocolate cupcakes the whole day through?! Just don’t go all Bruce Bogtrotter on us.

20th October - International Sloth Day

Sloths are notorious for being smiley, slow and soft-natured animals and somehow they have captured hearts worldwide. International Sloth Day is a celebration of these animals and raises awareness on how we can protect them. Put on a smile and prepare to get seriously chill.

25th October - World Pasta Day

Whether you enjoy a messy meatball affair or a creamy and decadent carbonara, pasta is life and we all know it. Take it upon yourself to slurp and scoff away at all the carby goodness and revel in the fact that you are spreading awareness for this marvellous creation!

27th October - Cranky Co - Workers Day

Every single office has them—fellow employees who seem to huff, puff and grumble their way through their day to day jobs. Send them grumpy cat memes, join in with their complaints and best of all, throw them a party which you know they will just moan about!

29th October - Cat Day

Cats have the ability to turn us into mushy balls of joy and the talent of filling up our camera rolls. It’s only fair that we give them this day to show them that they really are the centre of our universe and the light of our lives. (Mr Bojangles, I’m looking at you) Give them a squeeze, let them loose on the catnip and let them sleep on your pillow on this marvelously, fluffy day!

If you want even more things to do in October, check out here!

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