How To Get Fit Without Even Trying In Sydney

By Simone Jovel
3rd Feb 2016

How To Get Fit In Sydney

Someone once told us that exercise is fun. I don’t know who told that lie originally, but what I do know is that if squats, crunches and lunges aren’t your idea of good time it is still possible to smash those fitness goals.

We’ve found six must-try Sydney activities that will get you burning the calories, keep your Fitbit happy and even, just maybe, get you smiling through those sweaty tears. 

Try Aerial Yoga at Skylab Yoga

Surry Hills

Always wanted to run away and join the circus? Well, now you can live out that dream minus the scary clowns and trailers. Aerial Yoga gets you off the ground and combining all the good things like yoga, dance, pilates and suspension fitness to give you that long, lean and awesome bod you’ve been striving for. No wonder celebs like Gwenyth Paltrow, Vanessa Hudgens and Giselle Bundchen are converts to this anti-gravity craze. An added bonus is that while you’re up in your cosy little hammock you can sneak in a quick snooze between poses. See, not even trying!

Get Your Skate On At RollerFit


It was acceptable in the 80s and now roller-skating is making a come back as an awesome and fun way to get fit and fabulous. Known to increase your cardio endurance, core strength, agility, and up your flexibility game, RollerFit combines games, activities, dances and drills to your workout. Skates are available for hire and whilst Olivia Newtown-John style leg warms aren’t mandatory they are encouraged.

Reach For The Sky at Sky Zone


Did you know you burn more calories bouncing than jogging? Yep, fact. The peeps at Sky Zone are well aware of this and have a range of Skyfit fitness programs ready to burn the fat and tone your toosh as you jump around like a five year old after too much red cordial. You should also try their newest addition, Sky Climb, which is like rock climbing on a light up dance floor, and suitable for all skill levels from beginners through to your regular Bear Grills.

Recharge Your Mind at Sydney Float Centre


When we’re thinking of toning and tightening we can often forget the big guy upstairs (your brain), and that’s where Sydney Float Centre come in. Floatation therapy is literally therapy whilst floating and will have you effortlessly afloat in a pool of water perfectly warmed to your skin temperature, in your very own float pod. Imagine, a silent little cocoon of peace and tranquillity that will have you feeling as though you’re floating in mid-air. Known around the world as a way to manage pain, increase circulation, assist meditation and relieve stress we like to think of it as relaxing, we mean exercising, with purpose.

Suit Up At Bubble Soccer

Various locations

Yes the name says it all, this is soccer in a giant inflatable bubble and it’s awesome! With different sizes for kids through to adults, grab your mates and get ready to roll around. There are numerous locations across Sydney and if you happen to have your own field they’ll even come to you.

C’Mon! At Oz Tennis Leagues

Various locations

If the Australian Open got you pumped to head into the shed and dust off the racquet, Oz Tennis Leagues is a great way to relearn your a-game. There are six locations across Sydney and they’ll even place you in a division according to your skill level which basically means they’re actually setting you up to win. So you’re basically guaranteed to have a blast and keep your dignity in tact.

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Image credit: Federica Portenoso at Skylab Yoga


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