How To Have A Luxe Vacay When You’re Broke AF

By Phoebe McRae
4th Oct 2017

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Everyone needs a little luxury. Especially before the Christmas madness begins (bring on the rumballs). But there’s nothing worse than wanting needing a holiday (and a little luxury) and not being able to afford it. We’ve allllll been there. We hear you. That’s why we’ve teamed up with The Star Sydney to work out how the hell to have a luxe holiday when you’re broke AF.

Go on, you deserve it.

#1 Stay Close To Home

Word on the street is that rich kids (we’re talking the richest of the rich here) swear the best vacays are those closest to home. No passport is required. There’s no jet lag. No airport security. You don’t need to drive. Yep, we’re sold.

#2 Book A Room With A View

This one’s a given. If you’re going full luxe, you need to treat yourself to a room with a view (like the Stellar Suites at The Darling or Star Suites at The Astral). Possibly some of the best spots to watch the sunset in Sydney, we can guarantee that you’ll never want to leave.

#3 Order A Bottle Of Bubbles

Have you ever seen a movie where the rich kids are staying in a penthouse suite and not poppin’ bottles? No. No, you have not. Grab a bottle from the mini bar and toast to the sweet life.

#4 Spend An Entire Day By The Pool

These days relaxation alone is a luxury. Spending an entire day by the pool doing absolutely nothing is a dream come true. Don your fanciest kaftan, grab the best day bed in the whole hotel and chill the eff out. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

#5 Embrace The Robe Life

There are few things in life more comfy than a plush, white robe at a fancy hotel. Put it on the moment you get there and don’t take it off ‘til you leave. Yes, we’re serious.

#6 Update Your Instafeed

You’ll need to leave the room at some point but at the same time, it needs to be somewhere you can walk to (you’re broke remember, don’t waste your money on unnecessary Ubers). If you’re savvy enough to be staying near The Star, you can waddle over to their epic rooftop bar then grab some cocktails and snap the night away.

#7 Eat Like A King (Or Queen)

If you have any money remaining whatsoever, dedicate it to food. Duh. If you book your stay at The Darling before 31 October, your breakfast (at Sokyo!) is included and you’ll receive $150 credit (per night) to be used at one of The Star’s restaurants (or for room service if you realllllly don’t want to leave the room). Same goes for The Astral, although your breakfast comes in the form of a Harvest Buffet (our fave). You might not need that remaining money after all…

#8 Sleep

Everyone knows hotel beds are the best in the world. Make the most of it and sleep and sleep and sleep. There’s no such thing as too many zzz’s.

FYI The Star Sydney is basically giving away Staycations right now at The Darling and The Astral. Get all the deets here.

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