Ice Cream-Flavoured Allen’s Lollies Are Now Real Things That Exist

By Yvonne Lam
5th Apr 2018


Here’s one for all the sweet-tooths (sweet-teeth?) out there—Allen’s lollies and Peters ice creams have teamed up to a produce a new lolly range in Frosty Fruit and Drumstick flavours. Yes, we are talking about the ice creams. 

Of course, they’re cute as all heck. The Frosty Fruit range features mini, ice-block-shaped soft lollies in original tropical flavour as well as watermelon and pineapple, and orange and pink grapefruit. Meanwhile, the Drumstick x Allen’s packet features mini ice cream cones in vanilla, super choc and boysenberry flavours. Because dreams really do come true, people. 

Choice paralysis alert—it’s a battle between juicy ice block and creamy ice cream flavours, but in lolly form. Though, they’re retailing for $2.99, so por que no los dos?

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Image credit: Supplied

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