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By Jessica Best - 05 Aug 2017

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The Lord Dudley Hotel
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Hotel Steyne
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Dove & Olive
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The Riverview Hotel
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Zeta Bar
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The Cricketers Arms Hotel
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The Foxtrot Inn
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3 Weeds
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If eating, drinking and general lazing about near a crackling furnace equals winter, then it can totally stay. And we’ll have you know, Sydney is definitely cranking up its flare game with a chunk of locales keeping the foodie fans warm for the cooler months. Take it from us, they’re lit AF.

Be it your charming old corner pub or schmick city cocktail bar, here are Sydney best fireplaces!

The Lord Dudley


We can confirm the Lord Dudley serves up more than just a glorious feast of carbalicious winter goods during the colder parts of the year. The only thing better than chowing down on some deliciously tender lamb shanks, or devouring their damn tasty potato gnocchi, is taking one for the team and loading up on all the carbs in front of their homey sandstone fireplace.

The Hotel Steyne


Aside from being the perfect place to sip (or chug) a schooner (be it winter or summer), The Hotel Steyne on our northern shores is roasting up a cosy flare we kind of want to sleep next to, forever. Let’s be real, there isn’t much that beats a gigantic brick fireplace right next to the ocean. Yep, this big ol’ wooden beauty is definite #housegoals.

Dove and Olive

Surry Hills

No doubt you’ll score the ultimate #pubfeels at Dove and Olive (cue epic trivia nights and a chicken parmie we dream about more than we’d like to admit). And yep, you guessed it; this locale is home to what we like to call our little winter slice of heaven. Think chesterfield velvet lounges bundled around one pretty schmick toasty flicker.

The Foxtrot Inn

Crows Nest

Oh yes, this bad boy is as cozy and insular as they come, so you’ll be snug as a bug ordering up cocktails which naturally have all been smoked, blowtorched or blazed. You’ll want to keep an eye on Falcon Street to find The Foxtrot but when you do, you’re in for a major treat. Not only are the bartenders cooking up some delicious concoctions, but you get to sip them in the type of chairs that say “I’m going to be here for a while” right next to a crackling furnace.

The Swanston Hotel


A little TLC for The Swanston has seen this inner-west gem become your go-to for keeping toasty when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Pimped out in art-deco prints, a marble bar, your staple finger-lickin’ good burgers and a well-stoked fire, your winter body is well catered for here.

The Riverview Hotel


Pints by the fire anyone? If there’s one place you need to be this winter, make it be The Riverview Hotel. It’s a beauty on the outside (reminiscent ye ol’ English pub) and a stunner on the inside because well, they have a well-stoked fire cranking pretty much all the time. If that’s not your antidote to winter weather, we don’t know what is.

The Hero of Waterloo

Millers Point

This charming colonial pub has an intimate blaze set-up and a few sneaky secrets too. The Hero of Waterloo is where comfort meets—a resident ghost. Seriously. There’s a few urban legends flying around here but trust us, once you order up a cold one and set yourself down near the hearty flare, not even furniture eerily shifting around will get you moving. 

The Bayview Hotel


Three words: central gas fireplace. If that’s not music to our ears then we don’t know what is. And to make it even better, order up a dark ale and the Hawaiian Belle burger with spice crusted chicken breast, shredded iceberg lettuce, caramelised pineapple, American cheese, jalapeño mayo and sweet potato wedges. If this is winter, it can stay.

Australian Hotel and Brewery

Rouse Hill

Okay Sydney, if roasting some marshmallows in a ginormous fire pit has been on your bucket list since forever, grab a stick at the Australian Hotel and Brewery. Craft beer and fluffy mallows always make for a good time, and you can roast em’ any night of the week!

Zeta Bar


When there’s a chill in the air, maybe you’re looking for the mother load of all hearths in which case, you make your way straight to Zeta Bar. This glorious blaze takes up an entire wall and by default, will make you a total fireplace snob. On a side, the cheese platters here are also pretty damn fine.

Cricketers Arms Hotel

Surry Hills

She may be little but she’s damn powerful. Take it from us; if you’re looking for some character in your next visit to the watering hole, the Cricketers Arms Hotel is your best bet. With a bed of wood that’s always blazing and super plush leather lounges, these vibes really do bring a whole new meaning to comfort.

The Old Fitzroy Hotel


The Old Fitzroy Hotel is covering all levels of comfort when the mercury hits a low. Yep, we mean you’ll find tasty AF pub nosh served up as beef and ale pie with mash, along with a wicked fireplace to warm those greasy yet delicious fingers post #pubgrub feed.

3 Weeds


We don’t want to alarm anyone but 3 Weeds has the type of sandstone fireplace you’ll want to gram. Plus if you’re in early enough, you’ll score front seats to the hunky stone furnace, which if we’re being real is every foodie’s winter dream. 

If this isn't tempting enough to keep you in Sydney over the cooler months, check out this list of destinations for snuggley winter getaways!

Image credit: The Urban List Auckland

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