Jelly + Watermelon = Sydney’s Latest Must Try Dessert

By Simone Jovel
27th Jul 2016

jelly watermelon dessert Sydney

Sydney in July equals a whole lot of crazy when it comes to the food world, not to mention the drinks world, aaaand if we’re being honest (we’re all friends here, right?) we aren’t complaining. Sydney, keep them coming!

So when we heard that there is a cake, in the shape of a watermelon, infused with vodka (optional, of course) we needed to know more.

Behold… The Jelly Watermelon from Harajuku Gyoza! This bad boy is sweet colab of blended and strained watermelon mixed with gelatine (because guys, it’s a jelly watermelon cake) and then set into the hollowed-out watermelon skin from which it came—genius really. Add in some chocolate drops as seeds for good measure and, there you have it, jelly watermelon cake!

This juicy dessert lands in Sydney this Friday, making it the day of yay for yet another sweet reason.

Check out Harajuku Gyoza on the directory and tell all of your mates. View the dessert in all its wobbly glory here.

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Image credit: Harajuku Gyoza

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