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Let’s Get Weird: A Giant Festival Of Experimental Art Is Happening Next Month

By Emma O'Neill
19th Sep 2018

Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art 2018

It was one of THE major art spectacles in Sydney last year, and it’s back for the fourth time and bigger than ever.

Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art is a ten-day, jam-packed program of performance art hosted at Carriageworks that reimagines theatre and dance as moving sculpture, music and lights as key members of the cast, and your presence as part of the art-in-motion. Basically, it’s wild, weird and wonderful and we’re totally here for it.

The festival brings together acclaimed local acts and the rockstars of the contemporary Asian art world for a sensory cocktail you’ll want to re-order, boasting two major co-commissions from the Esplanade in Singapore and the newly-built National Arts Centre Kaohsiung in Taiwan, among other exciting collabs.

You can get cosmic with one of Asia’s most trailblazing choreographers, Taiwanese artist Su-Wen Chi, who explores the mysteries of our place as humans in space and time in Infinity Minus One. The hypnotic work imitates the behavior of cosmic rays and the scientific devices used to imitate them. Throw in supporting musical powerhouse and wildly experimental Indonesian band Senyawa and you’ve got something pretty special. 

Why employ an orchestra when you can just play 100 cheap plastic keyboards at once? Pioneering Japanese sound artist Asuna does exactly that in 100 Keyboards to create a complex sonic harmony that circles its listeners and bounces off the walls. The premiere won’t be as catchy as Kanye West’s 'I Love It' but it’ll be equally surprising, maybe even a little more mesmerising.

To top it all off, Queensland-based art queen Hannah Brontë spins the decks, turns up the mic and lights the dancefloor for FEMPRE$$: WISHWITCH—a hip-hop nightclub turned performance space which celebrates First Nations cultural practices and creates a world where women reign and social structures are flipped on their head.

And these performances are just the tip of the iceberg. Whatever it is you choose to see, it will be an immersive experience of bodies cutting shapes, experimental sounds pulsing and thought-provoking story-telling in a big sugar hit that’ll sustain you until the festivals return next year.

The Details

What: Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art
Where: Carrigaeworks
When: 18 - 20 October, 2018

Here's all the art you need to 'gram this month. 

Image credit: Bryony Jackson. 

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