Long Live the 90’s | The Greatest Style Decade of All Time

By Bree Nowland
3rd Aug 2015

Normcore (n): ‘A unisex fashion trend characterised by unpretentious, average-looking clothing with a dash of athleticism’. Okay, is it just me, or does Googling fashions’ latest buzzword simply evoke the 1990’s to a tee?

Perhaps it’s subconscious nostalgia; but from street style to our favourite (or least favourite) it-girls, left, right and centre there seems to be a true nineties revival taking over, and I can’t say I’m mad about it. From the #mycalvins movement, Kylie Jenner’s chokers and statement lip shades, the resurgence of flannel, puffer vests, New Balances over Nikes to high-waisted baggy ‘Mum’ jeans; yep, the nineties are back—in a big way!

The 1990s, AKA the era of the original ‘normcore’ saw incongruous motifs fused with ridiculously obvious influences of pop culture and pop music to create a decade that we’re coining, had the greatest style of all time. Yep. We said it, move over normcore with subtle nods to the ultimate decade, we’re taking it one step further and truly committing to it; #longlivethe90s.

In case you’re not already feeling nostalgic, think back to the days when your favourite TV show was either Dawson’s Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Friends. To when you knew all the lyrics to Spice Up Your Life, and you identified with one particular Spice Girl (we definitely underestimated Posh in 1995). You were well familiar with Justin before he cried a river. Aaron Carter, Mandy Moore, Hanson, Nirvana, Britney’s red latex cat-suit, S Club 7 and texting your best pal on your Nokia 3310 to ask them to go on MSN all deserve honourable mentions.

Now that we’re all on the same page, here are 19 reasons why the 1990’s were the greatest* style decade of all time (*greatest, can also be interpreted as most disastrous, but we’ll let you decide which side of the fence to sit on)…

  1. Oh no, you don’t understand, this is an Alaia. A totally important designer.” Because, Clueless.
  2. Overalls.
  3. Chokers. The black stretchy ‘tattoo’ ones to the super-stylish shell ones.
  4. High-heeled thongs (seriously?!)
  5. Bandanas.
  6. Headbands, all of the headbands.
  7. Butterfly clips, definitely at least five of them and preferably clipped right in-front of your face, perhaps to keep your two (and only two) strips of “highlighted” hair from falling into your eyes.
  8. Tamagotchis… While not exactly a style statement, if you were a true trendsetter, perhaps you clipped it to your belt, handbag or backpack. The original Apple watch, as far as we’re concerned.
  9. Dr. Martens, preferably in some outrageous finish, like violet purple croc.
  10. Iridescent eyeshadow, probably in a shimmery hue of blue or purple, most likely roll-on. Bonus points if it’s paired with a tawny-brown lipstick.
  11. Jelly sandals; or Birkenstocks (which were, yes, a thing of the 90’s; even if it was only your Dad who wore them).
  12. Scrunchies. Making a comeback—and we’re thrilled. What’s not to love about kink-free hair?!
  13. The flannel shirt. Worn with pride or tied around your waist.
  14. The denim jacket. Or double denim. Even denim bucket hats.
  15. Middle-part bowl cuts for the boys. The original man-bun. Think Leo DiCaprio circa 1993.
  16. Oakley sunglasses and Baby-G watches, hopefully colour coordinated in a shade of pastel.
  17. Frosted tips for the boys, ‘sun-in’ highlights for the girls.
  18. Backwards baseball caps; just like Marky Mark or Will Smith, AKA the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  19. Plaid. Because Clueless, again. It’s even fancy enough for Iggy.

So, how many can you identify with? (Yes, count those you’re too embarrassed to admit, too…)

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Image credit: Clueless

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