Malay It On Me | 9 Of Sydney’s Best Malaysian Restaurants

By Anna May
3rd Dec 2016

best malaysian restaurants sydney

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Malaysian food is seriously delicious. And when you live in a city that is as culturally diverse as Sydney, you’re lucky to have a plethora of deliciousness on your proverbial (and literal) doorstep at all times. 

So, without further adieu, please allow me to Malay all of these epic Malaysian restaurants and eateries on you, so you may eat them off yourselves like the BAMF you are. Happy eating!



Let’s start where the action happens, shall we? Right in the heart of Parramatta, where Temasek’s Laksa will light a fire in your belly, and have you washing slurp stains off your white shirt for months, but who cares because these guys are two-syllable-daaayyyyummm delicious. If you’ve graduated from coconutty, spicy laksa, these guys also know their way around a Nasi Lemak. So go in, grab a seat, and pack your excitement pants because you’re going to need them.


Multiple Locations

Oh, Mamak. What did we do before your flaky, heavenly roti came into our lives? No idea, but you were worth the wait. Speaking of waits, you’ll probably have to get used to standing in line for Mamak’s mouth-watering offering. So popular is this Sydney and Melbourne Malaysian restaurant, people can be found queueing for up to an hour for a taste of their heavenly satays and hearty currys. As I said, it’s worth it, so make some friends and get involved in the fun!



UTS students might come after me with torches and pitchforks for revealing their favourite post-lecture hangout spot, but the rest of the community have a right to life, liberty and nasi goreng, okay? Take a seat at one of the plastic chair and table sets, choose your favourite cheap eat (we love the Har Mee prawn noodle), and be ready to bask in the glory of stomach happiness coming your way for a very reasonable price. 

Jimmy's Recipe


One for the fire-in-belly seekers out there, Jimmy’s Recipe in The Galeries serves up hearty, meaty, slow-cooked, flavoursome love in a bowl. Also known as drool-worthy Malaysian curry. If you’re a big fan of carb-loading on Murtabak, then this is the place for you as well. A word of advice: get there early to avoid the stupidly large lunch crowd that builds up every single day. Or if Steve from accounts has held you up by showing you his latest excel tricks, suck it up and wait in the queue, it’s worth it. 

Albee’s Kitchen

Campsie & Kingsford

Holy Malay-style taro cake, Batman, this place is worth the drive if you’re not one of the lucky non-peking ducks that lives close to it. This place is good, and I mean really good, like the kind of good you tell your boss about when you’re stuck in the work elevator with them and need something to pass the time. Trust me, hours will feel like seconds when you start talking about the Pan Mee noodle soup, so delicately light, hearty, and filled with bouncy noodles. BRB, we’re going to Albee’s.

May's Laksa House

North Sydney

This is it: the laksa holy grail. Take no prisoners getting your steaming hot bowl of lovely laksa, because this stuff is like crack, Malaysian-inspired crack. Make your order (extra spongy tofu, please), grab a ticket, and wait your turn. You’ll inevitably jump up and down a few times when you thiiiiiink they called your order, but the awesome 90s/2000s jams (think Billie Piper’s Honey To The B) will keep you company until your lunch arrives. 

Lee's Malaysian


Come one, come all, for the Singapore chilli king prawn noodles are in abundance at Lee’s Malaysian. Of course, the roti canai with moreish curry sauce for the mopping is always there to brighten your day and silence the rumbling in your belly. The ideal spot for a cheeky noodling in the CBD, Lee’s Malaysian has your creamy classics and a few lighter options if you fancy, be sure to sink your teeth into a pork chop if that’s your jam.

Old Jim Kee

Spice Alley, Chippendale

Oh, you thought I couldn’t hear your deafening screams? The hair-pulling as you wonder when on earth I’m going to tell you where to find heavenly Hanianese Chicken? That time is now, friends, and that place is Spice Alley in Chippendale. Go, get your mates to nab a table, track down the succulent dish at Old Jim Kee and bathe in the glory of knowing you probably won’t find much better in Sydney. And relax. 


Numerous locations

We couldn't leave out the experts. Papparich is Malasyain Hawker food done oh so right. From nasi lemak, to nasi biryani, and their famous satay; these guys are nailing Malaysian food in Sydney. We may have been known to lick the roti plate clean because guys, it's that good.

Fan of a katsu curry? Check these out.

Image credit: The Urban List Perth

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