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By Sophia Fukunishi
13th Apr 2016

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Matcha. All the cool kids are doing it. But if you’re not yet on the matcha bandwagon or don’t even know what we’re banging on about, then listen up. You might have just met your matcha.

We chat to the matcha masters themselves, Matcha Maiden, to find out all about this magical superfood that is trending up a storm in 2016.

First up, what exactly is matcha?

Matcha powder is relatively new to the mainstream market, but it’s actually been around for centuries. It’s traditionally consumed as part of the Japanese tea ceremony ritual and Zen Buddhist monks use it in their meditative practices. It seems fancy now that it’s a bit of a “buzz word”, but it's actually simpler than you'd expect—it's just pure green tea leaves stone ground into a fine powder. The difference with regular green tea is that instead of brewing leaves in hot water then throwing them out, with matcha you consume the whole tea leaf so don’t waste any green goodness! On top of that, matcha tea bushes are grown especially under cover which increases the chlorophyll and amino acid levels in the leaves even further.

Okay, but what’s so good about the stuff?

Because of its concentrated form, matcha is a much more powerful way to drink green tea with heightened levels of all the good stuff because you are drinking the whole leaf! Plus, unlike green tea, it is a powder so you can drink it as a beverage or you can get more creative. Matcha Maiden’s mission has been to revolutionise the way we think about it—it’s so versatile being in powdered form so why not use it as a superfood? It makes sense to go beyond tea and use it in smoothies, chia pudding, desserts, savoury dishes, even face masks! And people have responded really positively to this—everyday we’re blown away by the creations people come up with!

What are the health benefits of matcha?

Matcha can have the nutritional value of up to ten cups of regular green tea and up to 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea. Isn’t that crazy?! We couldn’t believe matcha hadn’t already taken off years before we came onto the scene. Regular green tea is consumed for its positive effects on metabolism, energy, focus, immunity, clear skin and generally wellbeing, so matcha being more concentrated can have more concentrated results in these areas. It’s basically the ideal superfood!

Matcha is known to have catechins… But what the what are they?!

Catechins are basically antioxidants that can help fight and may even prevent cell damage. They are present in very high levels in green tea (and therefore matcha powder), the most potent being known as “EGCG”. I won’t get too sciencey, but basically EGCG has been studied to treat various diseases and may be one of the main reasons why green tea has become known for having such powerful medicinal properties.

So you don’t have to just drink matcha, what's your favourite recipe that uses matcha?

We enjoy the INCREDIBLY elaborate recipes our amazing matcha family comes up with, but at home we keep it pretty simple. Matcha smoothies are a daily occurrence for us—banana, almond milk, a handful of spinach, teaspoon of matcha and a little bit of honey or coconut nectar goes down a treat! 

We’ve heard you can make matcha facemasks. Do you have a recipe for one?

We released a beautiful limited edition birthday mask last year, but these sold out multiple times! One of our favourite most simple recipes can be found here.

Where can you get in on the matcha madness?

Matcha Maiden (obviously)

Head to their website to stock up on the stuff. Here you’ll also find recipes, info and where you can buy it IRL.

Shu Uemura Art Of Hair ceremonies

Head into one of the Shu Uemura salons around Australia and treat yo’self to a super relaxing hair treatment. The treatment is made complete with a limited edition Shu Uemura and Matcha Maiden tea which has been specially made to boost hair health. Amazing! 


T2 are now stocking matcha in store. They’ve also got a whole heap of matcha related goodness include matcha flasks, brewing tools and on the go packs.

Chanoma Café

These guys are all about matcha. So get in on the matcha ice cream, matcha frappes, and matcha parfaits. They also bizarrely make hot dogs too. Hot dogs and matcha? Why not.

Cafe Oratnek

Head into this Redfern cafe for matcha French toast (delicious) and their matcha lamingtons (doubly delicious). Not matcha related, but make sure you also order one of their katsu sandwiches while you’re there.

Looking for more health related goodness? Check out our Health section. 

Image credit: Shu Uemura Art Of Hair

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