Nutella Baklava Exists In Sydney

By Ange Law - 25 Jul 2017


There are some pretty crazy dessert creations floating around Sydney at the moment and we love it. But if there’s one thing we reeeeeeally love, it’s when classics are made 100 times better. Well it’s happened—Nutella baklava is now a delicious (and very real) thing in Sydney. 

Baklava is pretty damn great as it is, but adding Nutella into the mix is only going to make it the most epic dessert going around, and you know it’s true. It’s happening at Luxe Patisserie in Fairfield Heights, and if you plan on taking this one for a spin (of course you do), then prepare yourself for flaky layers of filo pastry, filled with Nutella, chopped hazelnuts and honey. 

What are you waiting for? Get on this

Here are all of our other fave Nutella desserts.

Image credit: Marc Kjerland

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