Nutella Cheesecake On A Stick Is A Delicious Reality

By Ange Law - 26 Jul 2017


Guys, Milky Lane is at it again. The Bondi-based legends have gone and thrown a house-made Nutella cheesecake on a stick and it’s available now (yep, NOW). 

Here are the deets—because we know you’re desperate for them: a house-made Nutella cheesecake is popped on a stick, slathered with milk chocolate and then covered in frosties, roasted hazelnuts and honey. We double dare you to eat the whole thing yourself without sharing—then please report back. 

Now, ICYMI, this is available right now. Go. 

We also found Nutella baklava this week and you're welcome.

Image credit: Milky Lane

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