Ooh La La | Sydney’s Best French Toast The 2017 Edit

By Ally Parker
27th Apr 2017

Perth’s Best French Toast

Love bread? Us too. But what if you crave the best of both worlds? Well, friend, French toast has your back. It’s time to enjoy all the carb-y goodness of bread, with all the sweet tooth tantalising of mascarpone, berries and chocolate.

Darlo Country Club


Ah Darlo. Where would be without you? We’re starting our French toast foray off with this Darlinghurst classic and a spot of their Nutella French toast. Staying true to all the classic hallmarks (berries, syrup and good vibes) but with an extra dollop of everyone’s favourite hazelnut spread, the Nutella French toast is available on it’s own, or as part of the Darlo Brunch Club. Not much can have us saying, ‘Oh boy!’ these days but this sure does.



A hop, skip and a jump from the water’s edge, Euforia is Balmain’s answer to fancy-smancy Bondi’s many brunch joints. Euforia serve up one of the prettiest French toasts we’ve seen with a Brioche stack of vanilla ricotta, blueberry compote, nuts, seeds, maple syrup, seasonal fruit, a generous topping of house made vanilla ricotta and, if so inclined, candied maple bacon. Those who’ve been dragged to Balmain by a mate, and aren’t too keen on French toast (who are you?), can try a truly tip top berry Bircher muesli with all the expected oats, nuts, fruits and seeds, finished with some natural yoghurt and blueberry compote (‘compote’ is still French, so we’ll let it slide).

Four ate Five

Surry Hills

Located on, you guessed it, 485 Crown Street, Four ate Five aren’t messing around with their French toast. Stuffed with banana, dulce de leche, mascarpone and nut crumble, this dish is one you’ll want to keep all to yourself—strictly no sharing. As a side note, their About Me web page is probably the cutest going around, with job descriptions like ‘bean squeezer’, ‘caffeine dealer’ and of course, ‘dad’—there’s one in every group.

Cavalier Specialty Coffee

St Leonards

Not all French toast beauties live in dusty city corners, sometimes, they’re across the bridge in joints like Cavalier Specialty Coffee, St Leonards. Pop on over for an eggless, trifle-topped French toast, you might even hit the jackpot with a surprise truffle or lemon meringue topping (they’re known to play around on occasion). Cavalier also plate up a Christmas-themed French toast with marshmallows, eggnog and gingerbread man.

Flower Child

Chatswood and Warringah

Hold on to your ‘grams folks, this is a pretty one. Flower Child, owned by Chris Lu (Bondi Hardware, Happy as Larry Pizza truck) and Adam Choker (former manager of The Grounds Alexandria) is the kind of aesthetically aware café who use flowers to plate up and if we’re honest, we’re absolutely stoked. Their French toast is no exception to this pretty party with banana, maple syrup, mascarpone, baked pecans, berries, salted toffee and a dark chocolate crumb. Psst! If you’re after something a touch more umami, check out the vegan bowl. So pretty, and so good for you.

Circa Espresso


We defy you stars: is there anything better than brioche? If you’re looking for a classic French toast with a twist, look no further than Paramatta café Circa Espresso. This goodie has brûlée banana, fresh berries, Pepe Saya mascarpone and cinnamon with a twist of caramelised passionfruit and crushed pistachio. We love a warehouse conversion café any day, but this coffee and French toast combo make Circa Espresso one to bookmark.

The Boathouse Palm Beach

Palm Beach

The Boathouse Palm Beach is an easy choice on any occasion, but when that occasion is an unstoppable quest for French toast, the choice is even easier. Offering the epitome of French, French toast, with a croissant base topped with mascarpone, fresh berries and caramel, you won’t be disappointed. Bring a friend, grab a fresh watermelon juice (with raspberry, mint and lime) and enjoy the view.


Double Bay

Hold onto your hats team, here’s another fine lookin’ FT (that’s French toast, for those not in the know). The Indigo team’s offering to the breakfast gods includes lemon curd, raspberry jam, season fruit, almond crumble, mascarpone, Italian lemon meringue and… wait for it… honey popcorn. YES. In case you’re wondering, yes, popcorn is a food group. Hop to it.

The Picnic


If you’re not a fan of communal or picnic-style dining, look away, but if you’re keen on some not-so French, French toast, read on. The Picnic in Burwood have taken the classic French toast to the next level with Coco Pop coating, watermelon, mascarpone, chocolate crumb and Persian fairy floss. Yes. Persian. Pull up a chair or grab a mat (supplied), order your meal to go and let your taste buds be happy under a nearby tree.

Element 6

West Ryde

Ever wondered what French toast tasted like with bacon? We got you. Or rather Element 6 has got you. A standard French toast from this West Ryde café will treat you to blackened vanilla crème, season fruit and praline, but it’s those optional extras that really have us singing. Add maple black forest bacon or Serendipity ice cream (to change your life), and understanding of French conventions, forever.

Prefer savoury to sweet? You need to check this out.

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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