The Paramount Coffee Project Y’all

By Jacqui Thompson
24th Aug 2013

"It is finally coming together but it has been a long process. It will be very good to see it finally open," Russell Beard explains. "We have done it all ourselves and it will showcase everything that we think is great, both locally and internationally—what we think is the best coffee around."

Russell Beard, of the famed Reuben Hills, has joined forces with Melbourne's specialty roasters Seven Seeds to make the Paramount Coffee Project (PCP) a reality. 

We caught up with Russell just returned from a well-earned holiday, to find out more about the new PCP coffee bar. 

"We want to show the diversity in the local industry, interesting things that producers, growers and exporters are doing, and share that with the community," Russell says.

The new coffee bar will feature regular presentations by international and local coffee producers. There will be a constant evolution in the coffee offerings being showcased.

"It will be a little like the intensity of a pop-up shop, this constant evolution in presentations and limited edition offerings," Russell elaborates. "We also want to involve local bakeries and patisseries, and rotate what is on offer, so there is always something new."

There will be an overarching theme to the food being served according to Russell, the good old American (LA) slant that has been experiencing a definite resurgence in Sydney's dining scene. This will include waffles, hot dogs and fried chicken ?. 

In true Reuben Hills style, the interior is minimalist—no bells and whistles, or things hanging from the ceiling. This pared-back interior will help facilitate the sense of transience and constant evolution the guys hope to create. The space can easily be transformed in line with each new coffee presentation.

This concept is a wonderfully sound one and we at The Urban List, along with many to be sure, are excited about this pending opening.  

"The whole intention of the coffee program is to support up-and-coming growers and producers, and to share what is interesting and tasty." Well said Russell.

In other exciting news for the Paramount Building—on the 31st of this month the Golden Age Cinema & Bar will be opening, and the complex will also house the new Tokyo Bike showroom.

Paramount Building
55-53 Brisbane Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010


Images by: Anastasia Nielsen

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