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Preventing The Colour Fade

By Jacqui Thompson
20th Jun 2013

Are you bottle enhanced? If the answer is yes (I happen to be a 'natural' blonde with regrowth—ha ha) then read on for some straight-forward advice on keeping your coloured tresses at their peak. Seriously, most of us spend a lot of money on our hair and you need to get value for your dollar.

Rosie Hardy of Wildlife Hair Sogo is my colourist. I trust her whole-heartedly with my regular blonde treatments—after ten years of bleaching I still have thick, healthy, shiny hair, which is a miracle. 

Read on for Rosie's 'prevent the fade' advice, whether you are blonde, red, noir, or brunette.


The key to preventing hair fade is MOISTURE, moisture, moisture! The better condition your hair is in, the better your colour will look, regardless of its hue. 

Tips for keeping your colour looking fresh.

1. The Products You Use. Always use salon-only brands of shampoo and conditioner, look out for products that are sulphate- and paraben-free. Sulphates are harsh detergents that will strip colour from the hair. Never spend top dollar on your colour—then go home and wash it down the drain with cheap products. 

It is also key for coloured hair to be treated. A weekly conditioning treatment for damaged hair, and a fortnightly treatment for colour-treated hair. Always follow the instructions on the bottle or those given to you by your colourist. 

Some suggested products include: Kevin Murphy Born Again Masque; Davines Nou Nou Pak and Davines Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle; and Terax Crema Conditioner. Add a treatment onto every colour service to maximise your colour result.

2. Don't Over Do it. When having your colour done in the Salon, have permanent colours refreshed on the ends with a demi-permanent—rather than layers of permanent colour, over permanent colour. This will only damage the hair and make the colour dull and lifeless over time. 

Blondes: Refresh the colour in between services with a toner, either in salon or at home. Try using a Goldwell Soft Colour Mousse. Brunettes: To keep your colour rich, try Davines Alchemic Shampoo and Conditioner in Chocolate. Reds & Copper: Try Davines Alchemic Shampoo and Conditioner in Red or Copper.

3. Avoid The Heat. Prevent damage from heat styling by using a heat protector, such as the GHD Heat Protect Spray. The less heat styling you do—the better condition your hair will be in. So keep it to a minimum, and don't over-iron the same section of hair.

4. Sunscreen. UV rays are the biggest cause of colour fade as they break down the pigments in hair colour. It's great to use products with a UV filter or an SPF. An option is the Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion. 

For the swimmers out there, always use a cap and rinse the chlorine or salt water out of your hair with fresh water. Always wear a sun hat when out in direct sunlight

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