PSA: Pop-Up Vending Machines Are Dishing Out Packets Of Actual Chill Across Sydney

By Jessica Best
27th Mar 2018

The ol’ classic vending machine has a bad wrap for sporting too many a chocolate bar, sugary can of what have you and packets of chips filled with more air than salty, crunchy fare. But what if we told you that there are now a number of vending machines around Sydney that target mental health?

Mindblown. Quite literally.

Yep, these vending machines have popped up to satisfy your psyche cravings which means instead of poppin’ a gold coin and sweeping out your 3pm calorie-filled #guiltypleasure, you’ll receive packets of chill, imagination, reassurance, purpose, connection and belonging (quite lovely, really).

The installation is called Intangible Goods and it’s been created by crazy talented artists Elizabeth Commandeur and Mark Starmach. Both have experienced growing up with family members who struggled with mental health and hope to give us humans a more novel way of expressing our inner feelings. Cue all the feels RN.

Making this epic pop-up even better, all profits racked up from the installations will be donated to BeyondBlue, the Mental Health Association NSW and the Schizophrenia Research Institute at NeuRA. 

To find out where and when the vending machine will be operating, check the details here.


What: Intangible Goods, Art & About Sydney
Where: Martin Place, Customs House Square and Pitt Street Mall 
When: From now until April 8

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Image credit: Art & About, City of Sydney

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