Return Of The Mac | Sydney’s Best Mac ‘N’ Cheese

By Ange Law
12th Feb 2017

sydneys best mac n cheese

There are few foods more comforting that a big ol’ bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese and guys, Sydney has more than got you covered in that department. Personally, we’re firm believers in the healing powers of oozy cheese, (we’re sure science must be too) so we’ve rounded up all of the very best places to hit up for your next mac ‘n’ cheese fix in Sydney.   

Easy Eight 


Fancy pants mac ‘n’ cheese is go at Easy Eight and we’re not just talking about the fact that it’s served up in a cute mini Le Creuset pot. They’ve also thrown in some lobster, because they’re posh like that.


Surry Hills

It’s not surprising that Surly’s is serving up some of Sydney’s best mac ‘n’ cheese, since they’re the king of Surry Hills’ dude food offerings. This is classic mac ‘n’ cheese at it’s finest—served as a side dish, you should definitely add it to the side of whatever dish you order. If you opt for the slow smoked BBQ brisket then don’t bother, because that bad boy comes smothered in the stuff. 

White Horse 

Surry Hills

The only thing better than your average, run of the mill, still insanely delicious mac ‘n’ cheese is when truffle is thrown into the equation as well. That’s exactly what’s happening at White Horse, with their truffled mac 'n' cheese that will send you straight into foodgasm territory. 

BLACK Bar & Grill


Next time you trot off to the casino, head into BLACK Bar & Grill, because their mac ‘n’ cheese is next level. Definitely not your run of the mill stodge, it’s made with a three cheese sauce and bacon crumbs. Yes, bacon crumbs. We’ll just let you think on that for a moment. 

The Norfolk


Similar to arancini, the mac and cheeseballs at The Norfolk are way better than that because they also come with cheese fondue as a dipping sauce. Because the only thing better than deep-fried cheese balls, are deep-fried cheese balls dipped in a molten cheese sauce. 

Stitch Bar  


While we’re on the topic of mac ‘n’ cheese balls (a sentence we never thought we’d write), Stitch Bar is also serving this classic American snack in ball form. They’ve rolled their mac ‘n’ cheese into balls, crumbed and fried the little guys and then serve them up with the house bourbon and bacon jam of your dreams.

Cuckoo Callay


Cuckoo Callay have turned the tradition mac ‘n’ cheese formula on its head, by adding bacon and then throwing the whole thing over a bowl of chips. You’ll find it on the menu as M.A.C Cosmechips, FYI.

Miss Peaches


Soul food is Miss Peaches’ middle name, but for the time being, we’ll just ask you to direct your attention to the classic mac ‘n’ cheese (macaroni, creamy cheese sauce, chives and toasted breadcrumbs) on the menu. Once you’ve done that, you can move on to all of the baked brie with toasted corn bread and the southern fried chicken burger. Yes, the menu is entirely inspired by America’s deep south and we aren’t complaining. 

Rosie Campbell’s

Surry Hills

Rosie Campbell’s is where the spirit of Jamaica meets the sassy streets of NYC, so naturally, they make a pretty killer mac ‘n’ cheese. It’s called the ‘ja mac n cheese’ (we know, cute) and involves a three cheese cream sauce with herb butter crumble. Grab it with a Rosie’s coco colada, because you’d be crazy not to. 

The Stinking Bishops 


As far as The Stinking Bishops is concerned, regular cheddar definitely won’t do, so they’ve gone and added some feta and mozzarella into the mix. Just to up the flavor stakes even more, they’ve also thrown in zucchini, chilli and dill.

Palmer & Co. 


Mac ‘n’ cheese is happening, prohibition style, at Palmer & Co. as part of their charcuterie offerings. It’s as simple as that really—classic mac ‘n’ cheese done well—so you should order it with a cocktail and eat the whole damn thing to yourself. Sharing is overrated.  

Dove & Olive

Surry Hills

Hit up the Dove & Olive for one of their $10 American Diner-style lunches, because is there any better mac ‘n’ cheese than one served with black truffle and parmigiana reggiano. Probs not, TBH.

Nighthawk Diner 

Various Locations

We thought it was important to end a list of Sydney’s ultimate mac ‘n’ cheese dishes with something a little left of centre. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the mac n cheeseburger at food truck, Nighthawk Diner, is just a cheeseburger with mac ‘n’ cheese on it. But oh no no my friends, the mac ‘n’ cheese IS the burger. Similar to the balls above, it’s been crumbed, fried and used as the burger patty. Yep.

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Image credit: Image via CarnalDish

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