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RollerFit Classes Are A Thing In Sydney

By Ange Law
21st Feb 2017

rollerfit sydney

Working out can be a total drag—don’t lie, you know it’s true—and since our New Year’s motivation disappeared months ago, we thought it’s time to have a little fun. That’s where RollerFit classes come in. It’s exactly what you’re thinking and will actually help you get super fit (while laughing yourself silly at just how unco you are). 

You’ll learn cardio endurance, flexibility, core strength, agility and balance. But more importantly, you’ll work up a sweat while drowning in nostalgia for those roller disco parties of the 80’s and 90’s. But seriously, why-oh-why don’t roller disco birthday parties happen anymore?

When you factor in the cost of the average Pilates class in Sydney, you’ll find that RollerFit is actually super reasonable, at $25 per class ($20 for members). Get all of the deets here

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Image credit: RollerFit

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