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Where To Find This Extra Rosewater Meringue Ice-Cream Sambo

By Jessica Best
13th Nov 2018

If you’re a sucker for dessert, sit tight. There’s a damn fine sandwich of the sweet kind circling Sydney and you need to know all about it. You can thank the crew at the Surry Hills institution known as Song Kitchen for whipping this flossy kid up because in true form, it tastes even better than it looks.

Whether you end a meal with or head in solely for this one, you’re going to have a good time. Coated in silky caramel and topped with wispy fairy floss, this rosewater meringue and pistachio ice-cream sambo should be your new summer dessert go-to.

And if you think things couldn’t top the news of a new dessert, you’ll probably want to sit tight again because Song Kitchen is a not-for-profit venue with a mission to donate all proceeds to victims of domestic violence. In other words, this place is ticking all the boxes.

Image credit: Supplied

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