People Are Losing It Over Smith’s New Garlic Bread Flavour Chips

By Jessica Best
29th Jun 2018

smith's garlic chips

Listen up peasants, the people are losing it over a new flavour of Smith’s chips and OMG we’ve just advanced to the next eon of humankind. Because how much garlic is too much garlic? Easy. The limit does not exist.

Yep, the garlic follow-on breath is said to be hella intense, but if you’re a garlic fiend (and you bloody well should be) you’d know such a waft is basically a superpower so mmm #tooblessedtobestressed.

FYI these bad boys are only on servo shelves for a limited time. You should also know that this new flavour is in partnerhip with Pizza Hut, so hell yea they’re probably going to taste exactly like the good stuff i.e garlic in a bread in a chip. So meta. 


Also, non-alcoholic gin is a thing you need to get on, stat.

Image Credit: Supplied

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