Your Ultimate Guide To Seeing Sydney In A Day

By Phoebe McRae
20th Apr 2017

Being a tourist in Sydney is actually one of our favourite things. We don’t care if you think you’ve seen it all—sightseeing is never a bad idea. Whilst we’re willing to bet you’ve seen our stunning city by car, ferry and maybe even plane, we’re here to tell you that you’ve actually been missing out. Sydney is actually better by bike. Yep, seriously.

Oh, and we don’t mean any old bike. We mean Bosch eBikes—man’s second-best friend, the BMW of the bike lane. These two-wheeled electric stallions are the transport solution you want, the street cred you need, and the extra boost up the hill from Central that you crave.

Here’s our ultimate guide to seeing Sydney (and some of it’s best kept secrets) in a day.

Stop 1. 

Start your day off with a burst of colour at Milson Park. Cycle along McDougall Street to see the best of Sydney's jacaranda-lined streets and warm those legs up with ease, or pop on the peddle assist to zip by in no time at all..

Stop 2.

Wake yourself up with a coffee at Foy’s. You’ve got a big day ahead and you need all the energy you can get from this cup of liquid gold. Grab a seat overlooking the harbour and take a breather, before jumping on your super sleek eBike and getting on your way.

Stop 3.

After you’ve had your fun turbo riding up and down the hills of Kirribilli post-coffee thanks to pedal-assist, head over to the oh-so-famous Kirribilli markets and shop till you drop with the locals. No need to bother yourself finding an elusive (and expensive!) parking space, just pull-up on your eBike right out the front of the markets! Whether you want food, home wares or a whole new wardrobe, you’re guaranteed to find what you need (and what you want).

Stop 4. 

Cycle down the hill (and passed the line-up of cars) to next stop, North Sydney Olympic Pool, for one of the best views in Sydney. Yes, we’re serious. You can totally go for a swim if you want to (and you remembered your bathers), but we’re here for the #Instas and bulk likes. Boasting a completely different view of the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and all things Sydney, you’re never going to want to leave.

Stop 5. 

A day out in Sydney is incomplete without a trip to Luna Park so it couldn't be more perfect that it's smack bang next to Sydney's most famous pool. Whether you love or hate rollercoaster rides, wander through the retro theme park (Bosch’s eBikes have a very handy little ‘walk assist’ mode) and head back in time.

Stop 6.

By now you’re probably getting hungry right? Right. Grab some food (or pre-order a homemade hamper) and head to Wendy’s Secret Garden, only a few minutes away from Luna Park. Cruise along the boardwalk (flick on Bosch’s sport mode if you want there in hurry, food is calling after all) then find a seat in this leafy paradise and have a feast. Don’t forget the cheese!

Stop 7. 

Now that you've got your energy back, it's time to check out some of Sydney's hottest property. With some of the best views in the city, the houses in Kirribilli and Lavender Bay don't go for less than $3 mil, so take your time riding around and imagine yourself living like the other half if only for 45 minutes.

Stop 8. 

Now, we’re not going to lie. We’ve saved the longest ride for last but we promise you it’s worth it. Get your serious cyclist on and make your way through North Sydney, and up the hill with pedal-assist, to Sydney institution The Greens. Reward yourself (and the fact that your new eBike means you’re not sweating) with a cocktail and a game of bowls, as you watch the sun go down over the city.

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Design credit: Gabriella Bjorklund | Image credit: Claudia Schmueli

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