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Sydney Is About To Score A Huge Cage-Free Zoo

By Sophia Richardson
13th Sep 2017


When you’re looking for something to do (other than brunching), you’d be forgiven for not thinking of a trip to the zoo first—until now. 2018 is already set to be a cracker (especially compared to the shitter that was 2016), promising us something huge and that something is a brand spankin’ new cage-free zoo in Sydney’s West. We’ll give you a second for that to sink in. A CAGE-FREE zoo, with a huge focus on animal welfare. 

Rumour has it, the zoo has been designed with elevated walkways and not a single damn cage will be used in the entire zoo. Can we get a big fat heck yes? 

The zoo will have 30 exhibitions with a bunch of African safari and aquatic animals (think hippos and crocs for starters) and what’s even cooler is that the zoo is the first in Australia to have an integrated Indigenous and natural heritage program too. We’re all about this, can you tell? Just off the Great

Western Highway you’ll find Bungarribee Park, which is where this new zoo can be found, well, by the end of next year and we can’t bloody wait. 

Stay tuned for more team, because we’ll be watching this one closely. 

Just here for the LOL's? Then you need this in your life. 

Image credit: Wild Thornberrys via Sky

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