Sydney Listen Up! You Can Now Take Mermaid Classes

By Ally Parker
20th Apr 2017

mermaid classes sydney

There are a lot of great verbs out there with noun origins. Corner any word nerd and they’ll tell you how Google and ‘texted’ have revolutionised modern language in ways old mate Shakespeare couldn’t have imagined.

As for our personal fave when it comes to the noun-to-verb game? Mermaiding.

That’s right, mermaiding is a thing folks, and you can officially make your childhood dreams come true. No Ripples, the Sydney-based gang serving up this slice of wish fulfilment, offer both child and adult mermaid classes and oh boy! Are we ready to become graceful, shell-bra-clad goddesses. Hells yea.

The Brains

No Ripples is the brainchild of co-founder and merm-structor Michaela Warner. After realising the public’s desires to be one with the ocean, Michaela collected her personal arsenal (AustSwim qualification and love for free diving) launching her first mermaiding class in 2015. Since then she’s been offering both public (on hold for the time being) and private classes in the noble art across a variety of Sydney locations.

The Fins

Ariel had it backwards when she longed for legs (there’s no need to shave when you’re sporting scales) and we can promise you’ll feel the exact same way with a single flip of the mermaid monofin.

No Ripples’ mermaiding classes traditionally employ the monofin (the bottom bit of the mermaid tail) rather than the full getup, as it allows for more flexibility and thus safety, but don’t worry; you’ll still get the full ‘part of your world’ experience. The monofin will have you gliding through the pool much faster than conventional swimming, so not only will you feel every bit as majestic as your dreams, you’ll also be cutting a fast path through the pool. In fact, you’ll probably start wondering why you ever faked a tummy bug during P.E’s swim sesh. Don’t worry about being able to hold your breath or dive deep, mermaiding tends to cruise below the surface.

The Benefits

Speaking of P.E, adult mermaiding classes, while undeniably fun, are a hell of a workout. We’re talking whole body but with a focus on shoulders and obliques that will have you saying things like, “I never knew I even had obliques” and “can you lift this mug to my lips?” That being said, there are no drill sergeant instructors and giggles are not only more than welcome but expected. All adult classes get dedicated playtime , which includes swimming through hoops, mini games and competitions. They also involve a ‘mermaid yoga’ warm up, perfect for the yogi with a penchant for aquatics.

Rather exercise on land? Check this out.

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