Pick Up The Phone, Sydney’s Restaurants, Cafes And Bars Can Officially Deliver Booze To Your Door

By Ranyhyn Laine
24th Mar 2020

Yes, it's true. In, quite frankly, the best news we've had all week, our State's licensed cafes and restaurants can now deliver or serve takeaway wine, beer and pre-mixed drinks.

The new rules come into effect following the Federal Government's ruling earlier this week that restaurants, cafes and other "non essential" businesses close their doors to dine-in customers to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A statement released by Liquor & Gaming NSW said, "the COVID-19 pandemic has created an exceptional set of circumstances and will have significant impacts on the businesses we regulate. Liquor & Gaming NSW appreciates that exceptional circumstances require flexibility on the part of the regulator.”

"Not all licensed premises are authorised to sell alcohol for consumption off the premise. In these circumstances, Liquor & Gaming NSW will take a commonsense and pragmatic approach to enforcing liquor and gaming laws. In particular, it is recognised that the risk profile of certain venues has changed and measures put in place to manage these risks are, in the current environment, largely redundant.”

Caveats that need to be in place for the venues to be able to serve or deliver takeaway vino and home delivery cocktails are yet to be stipulated directly, but we'll keep you posted.

For right now, we'll take it, because the fewer stops we have to make on our nightly takeaway run, the better. Plus, we are all for another way to support Sydney's incredible hospitality industry. 

And, on that note, here are some of the epic Sydney restaurants now offering takeaway, home delivery and gift cards. Know of more? Please get in touch with us

Image credit: Rocket Weijers

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