Sydney’s Best Desserts You Can Get Delivered

By Angela Law
14th Sep 2016

Dessert Delivered Sydney

Once settled nicely into my comfiest Pyjamas, what do sluggards like me do when our desire to plonk on the couch contends with a late-night sugar craving? The solution comes courtesy of a classic case of flipped logic: if you can’t go to dessert, make dessert come to you…

And that’s exactly where delivery superhero foodora comes in. Their fleet of couriers-for-hire are constantly racing across the city delivering some of Sydney's best restaurant fare, so why not make it worth your while; everyone knows that dessert is the best part of a meal. Not since Nero’s Rome has human accomplishment struck upon such languid extravagance.

Here are our top picks of the best desserts in Sydney delivered straight to your door:

Sydney’s Best Desserts You Can Get Delivered

Gelato Messina


For obvious reasons, we absolutely feel that you need to know, and if you didn’t we are here to remind you, that Gelato Messina deliver their sweet, creamy gelato straight to your doorstep. For those nights when you have already ordered pizza (and polished it off) but really need some artisan gelato in your life, foodora has got yo’ back. Order the white chocolate salted caramel if you can’t deal with the possible let down of ordering a new flavour, or take a punt with one of the weekly specials, you little adventurer you.

Milk Bar By Café Ish


Start the night with their Mack Daddy burger and fries (yes, that is what it’s actually called) and end the night with their Mystery Box Baker’s Dozen of doughnuts, or their cereal popping candy doughnut, or their lemon meringue pie doughnut. You get it – there are many doughnut options here and you can’t really go wrong.

Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream


Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream has all of your Friday night dessert dilemmas sorted, with their selection of ice cream tubs (ranging from 500mL to 1500mL) and baklava of varying nut varieties. As far as the ice cream is concerned, there are flavours like burnt caramel, Turkish coffee and melon and feta, while the baklava is keeping it pretty traditional with pistachio and walnut baklavas. If you want to branch out (which you should), order the apple and cinnamon baklava as well.



Waffles are the main event at Passiontree and suddenly lunchtime dessert is sounding very appealing. There are three flavours to choose from and they are extreme in the best possible way; smores, banana crunch and peanut butter chew waffle. We’ll be honest though; their chocolate honey bread is also calling our name.

Rivareno Gelato


Nothing makes us happier than when Sydney institutions jump on board the delivery service train and make all of our dessert dreams a reality. They are the kings of classic gelato done well. Very well. Order the nocciola and contessa flavours and be done with it.

Ben & Jerry's

Bondi, Chatswood

Hands up if you've done a sneaky dash to the shops in your PJs for your Ben & Jerry's fix at an ungodly hour? Well, now you don't need to because you can get it delivered right to your door! Dreams really do come true. 

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Image credit: Ariana Gillrie 

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