A Royal Feast | Where To Find Sydney’s Best English Breakfasts

By Jayme-Lee Fechner
3rd May 2017


The English have brought us many great things—Coldplay, Prince Harry, Love Actually and most importantly, the classic English breakfast. It is the ultimate hangover feed, the pick-me-up when you’re feeling down, and just like a big warm hug, it never disappoints.

To pay tribute to our fellow Brits, we’ve listed the Kings (or should we say Queens) of English breakfasts (minus the 23-hour flight) right here in Sydney.

Mad Spuds

Surry Hills

Mad Spuds is the place you go when you’re carb loading, and we don’t mean for the gym. Their English breakfast comes complete with crispy spud skins, pork sausage, even crispier bacon, and fried eggs…. You get the drill. This cosy little joint, nestled in Surry Hills, will melt away all of your troubles, and remind you why potatoes are so bloody awesome! Carbs are life team remember that.

Bar Contessa


Yes, we know. This place is Italian. But Bar Contessa’s fry up comes with chorizo sausage. Are we done complaining yet? Thought so. This big breakky is not for the faint hearted. Served with hickory smoked bacon, grilled tomato, field mushrooms, hash brown and homemade relish, Contessa takes you on a field trip to England, with a layover in Italy, and we absolutely love it.



Kafeine are known for their awesome breakfast options and the Kafeine breakfast pan is the finest of them all. If you’ve had a rough night we would highly suggest making a beeline and devouring this heavenly meal. Make sure you add their famous potato hash, you’ll be glad you did.

Social Brew Cafe


Although these guys don’t offer the full English Breakfast as an option (keep reading), think of it as a ‘choose your own adventure’ kind of meal. Social Brew Cafe plate up all of the ingredients, and the rest is up to you. Eggs your way on sourdough, then add hash brown, beans, sausage and whatever else tickles your fancy. It’s a culinary path of self-discovery and will make you question why you ever thought green smoothie bowls were a good idea.

Wild Pear Café


The Wild Pear Café might have a fruit in their name, but that’s where our fruit focus ends (for this article at least). The English breakfast in these parts is 147% worth your time (and any associated travel). Add the house-made beans, even the Queen would be proud.

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Bar Contessa | Bar Contessa

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