11 Of The Best Places In Sydney To Land A Juicy Steak

By Lucy King
14th Aug 2019

So why are we so in love with a good steak? Well, let’s be honest, steak is the king of red meats. When steak is good, it’s really, really good. Like really good. The flavour, texture and tenderness of perfect steak has no rival. Having said all this, when steak is bad, it’s, well, awful. So, to save you from dry, chewy and ultimately disappointing steaks, we have found for you the best damn steaks in Sydney.

Here's every venue to hit up in Sydney for when you're just really craving a good steak.

Vic’s Smokehouse & Grill


Raking in some of Sydney’s freshest quality meat straight from its very own butcher, Vic’s Smokehouse & Grill has an in-house smoker (which, just casually, happens to be the largest custom smoker in Australia, weighing at almost two tonnes). If you’re after a damn good cut of meat, hit up the meat platter which holds a casual 400g of the juicy good stuff. You can also order up the often underrated “burnt ends” of a steak too here too.

Pino’s Dolce Vita


The Kogarah community was heartbroken when the Pino’s closed its doors after a fire in 2016, now they’re back with a brand-new fit out but they’ve kept the same great Italian fare. It’s all about family at this place, started by Pino and Pia Foresti. Pino was born into a seventh-generation butchery family in Calabria and now he’s brought that same expertise to food he, Pia and their three children serve at Pino’s. Go in for a killer T-bone (we’re talking 400g or 1kg) or a 300g Scotch fillet steak and as it melts in your mouth you’ll be thanking god that the Foresti family is back on the scene and sharing their generations of butchery knowledge with us. 



Like all good underground bars, Bistecca is a little tricky to find. You’ll uncover its covert entrance on Dalley Street in the heart of the CBD. Those unassuming stairs will feel like anything but the descent into a really cool basement bar, but trust us, you’re in the right spot. Order up a negroni and a Black Angus from the Riverine region of NSW. One of the very few places in Sydney that lets you order steak by weight, these guys will cook it over charcoal, wood and olive branches to get that true smokey flavour.

Jack & Knife


Jack & Knife is preaching everything slow-cooked, meaty, wood-fired and smokey and with that comes one of the best steaks in Sydney. Here, it’s all about the flat iron beef steak with dash butter sauce and beetroot chips that practically melt in your mouth. And you’ll no doubt be pairing this feed with a bunch of whiskeys and bourbons for the ultimate feast.

Mr. G’s

Double Bay

Mr. G’s is the king of smoking and roasting steaks. Choose from traditional sauces like chimichurri, mushroom, béarnaise or jus. Then pick your butter: Pernod or truffle for those who love a fresh twist. And if you’re feeling like a splurge, order the 400-day grain fed Kobe rump. That will get those taste buds moving.

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse


Known for the freshest in seafood and steak, Kingsley’s Australian Steakhouse has got a reputation to protect. The Ranger Valley Black Onyx kilo T-Bone from New England Tablelands is a superstar on the menu and, if you want to create a brand-new flavour pairing, side it with soft shell crab and have the best of both worlds.

6 Head

The Rocks

Housed within the historic sandstone walls of the recently refurbished Campbell’s Stores in The Rocks, 6 Head has a sustainable bent, seriously special steaks, seafood on the menu and a spectacular view of the sparkly harbour. Choose between six cuts: there’s rump, rib-eye, T-bone, eye fillet, scotch fillet and sirloin. 6 Head also dry ages its own meets in house, with a rotating selection of limited and unique cuts available every day. Sauces cover the classics (mushroom, pepper) as well as some tasty upgrades (anchovy hollandaise, fermented chilli and truffle butter).

Brasserie L’Entrecôte


Brasserie L’Entrecôte is Sydney’s take on the Parisian-famous Relais de L’Entrecôte, which has restaurants all over the northern hemisphere. The game is simple here, order the charcoal grill sirloin of Brooklyn Valley Beef (a tender, lean and full-flavoured cut of Black Angus) which gets served up with Brasserie L’Entrecôte’s famous secret sauce, homemade french fries and a walnut green salad.

The Ternary


Head through The Ternary and into its Grill Kitchen for steak, grilled on a naked flame right in the centre of the establishment. With steaks ranging from 250g all the way up to 800g+, this is for the serious meat eaters here. The Ternary’s 400g dry-aged op rib is one hell of a feed. We’d suggest pairing it with truffle mustard butter sauce for the food coma of your life.

Rockpool Bar & Grill


Rockpool Bar & Grill butchers all meat daily so that it is the absolute freshest. Here, your only option is to head straight to the wood-fire grill section of the menu and work your way down (kind of). The standout has to be David Blackmore’s dry-aged wagyu (which sits at a delicious marble score of 9+), specifically 240g of topside.

BLACK Bar & Grill


Located in The Star, BLACK Bar & Grill’s kitchen is run by head chef Dany Karam. Flipping it straight onto the wood-burning grill, the David Blackmore Fullblood wagyu menu is one of the more tender sides to this steakhouse. With a tasting board of flat iron, skirt and flank, you get the chance to combine all these flavours into one. 

The Cut Bar And Grill

The Rocks

This New York-inspired underground restaurant isn’t just a hit for epic date night vibes. The Cut Bar & Grill plates up the finest cuts of the good stuff with a hefty line-up of steaks on the charcoal grill side of the menu. Hit up anything from 380g of sovereign lamb rump or a Jack’s Creek F1 wagyu flank steak, or savour the absolute highlight of this basement eatery—the half-kilo dry-age Cape Grim grass-fed rib eye.

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Image credit: Jack & Knife

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