Sydney’s Best Vegan & Vegetarian Burgers

By Jessica Best
30th Oct 2017


Bookmark this page because this is the list you need when you have a hankering for a big eat—of the carb-loaded variety. This isn’t just any burger line-up, it’s the meat-free and sometimes completely animal-product free kind. Oh yeah, you’re damn well welcome.

So whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, rest-assured these stacks are ‘whatever-you-are’ friendly. And we can confirm that they’re damn tasty whether you’re into the meaty stuff or not. 

Here are 11 of Sydney’s best vegan and vegetarian burgers. 

4 Ounces Burger Co


There’s only one feed here you need to be all over if your vegan heart needs a burger bonanza. The RZA at 4 Ounces is seriously something else with a big fat southern fried tofu ‘patty’, pickles packed with some crunch, chilli, golden turmeric a vegan house sauce and the bloody epic smoked sesame cheese. And we’re not even sorry if you get unhealthily obsessed (hint: you will and we already are).

Soul Burger

Randwick, Parramatta & Glebe

We know this one isn’t even a surprise because unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you guys should know about all-vegan burger joint Soul Burger. It’s iconic (a quick Google search could tell you that). Get on the plant-based southern fried chicken stack full to the brim with vege slaw, caramelised onions, cheese sauce and sriracha aioli. You’ll never go hungry again.


Newtown & CBD

Surprise, surprise, Mary’s is on top of the burger game on all fronts. In other words, they do a mean vegetarian burger full of mushrooms, cheese, lettuce, onion and their iconic sauce. And P.S. You should totally add more ‘shrooms just because they’re so delish.



Shout out to BondiTony’s for putting together this little (not really) number. Picture this: a house-made corn and chickpea pattie (it’s legendary) topped with crispy onion rings, sautéed mushrooms, melted cheese, roquette leaves, Claudia’s homemade tomato relish and Tony’s honey-infused aioli. Our hot tip is to douse this bad boy in the spicy smoky BBQ sauce at the table and thank us later.

The Tuckshop


Yep, The Tuckshop is now serving one beauty of a vegan burger because mushroom schnitzel is always a win. It’s also built with tomato, all the greens, pickles, onions and special sauce on a seriously soft bun. Do yourself a favour and order two.

Royal Stacks


Among the meaty affair happening at Royal Stacks there’s some good news for vegetarian burger lovers. Behold, the aptly named Queen B handmade with a tender chickpea patty, tomato, butter lettuce, cheddar, pickles and their super spesh burger sauce (the kind you’ll want to lick your fingers for).

BangBang Café

Surry Hills

No doubt the crew here has hit upon the good stuff for all the vegetarian-folk of good ol’ Sydney town. You’ll want to hit up the sweetcorn fritters stack at BangBang (because it’s delicious AF, obvs) and it’s studded with red onion marmalade—don’t hate us for saying this but you’ll basically want to drink it—grilled haloumi, lettuce, tomato and garlic mayo. 

Betty’s Burgers

Darling Harbour

Vegetarians, don’t thank us, thank Betty’s Burgers. At this burger joint, you’ll want to get your hands on the mouth-watering ‘shroom burger stuffed with (surprise) mushrooms, vegies and the gooey good stuff—melted gouda and gruyere cheese. We’ll just let that sit for a second.     

Burger Project

Multiple locations

The crumbed confit ‘shroom burger strikes again at the Burger Project (because like we said, it can do no wrong). This vegetarian burger is one of Sydney's best vegetarian burgers, packed with cheese, onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce and an epic secret sauce and we kind of want to eat this for lunch (and dinner) errry day.

East Sydney Hotel


The East Sydney Hotel has a pretty damn tasty vegan-dominated menu and just a heads up, you’ll want to order the pulled jackfruit burger. It comes with fresh, crispy slaw and aioli and we may or may not be deeply in love with it. 

Green Lion 


You vegan kids have another epic burger to stuff themselves with at Green Lion. Make a note that these guys are plating up an entirely plant-based pub food menu so you can bet the burger it great. Your winner here is the black bean burger with a spicy black bean pattie, chipotle and alllllll the slaw.

Prefer regular cheeseburgers? Head here.

Image credit: 4 Ounces Burger Co

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