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Our Favourite New Sydney Food Trucks

By Jessica Best
5th Jun 2017

Because restaurants were so 2016. We’re calling it (we can do that...right?), 2017 is the year of the food truck (at least according to us). And when you take a look at these bad boys, we’re sure you’ll agree.

There’s no denying Sydney’s become a major goldmine for the much loved and classic rolling eateries. Hunt them down or let them come to you, it’s a win-win situation really. So get your Google Maps out and start tracking these glorious mobile foodie havens. All you have to do is stalk them on the good ol’ social for their next whereabouts—the diet can wait until next year Sydney.

Here’s our delicious list of favourite new food trucks!

Dirty Bird

OK, we’ll admit it. We’re still covered in drool from Dirty Bird’s epic menu, but hey, if you had found the mother ship of all things fried chicken, you would be too. The foodie line-up here consists of mash with extra gravy, as well as their mighty famous crack burger with battered chicken breast that’s been rolled in rice bubbles (genius guys, genius). The tasty fare also gets some extra Asian-lovin’ with umami fries up for grabs and ginger-garlic marinades.

El Qahirah 

Behold the Egyptian eatery we’ve been missing all our lives (and no biggie but it’s the first one in Sydney). El Qahirah churns out three of Cairo’s most traditional dishes and we can confirm, they’re all hella tasty. Plus, vego lovers you have not been forgotten! A major win for anyone making BFFs with salad is the taameya—a fava bean and herb patty (that’s right, the Egyptians nailed falafel years ago), served up in flatbread with cucumber, tomato, radish and tahini. And to wash it all down, you’ve got the glorious option of treating yo’self to a hibiscus tea.

Lemon Rose

If we found an insanely good mobile noshery where America meets the Middle East, you’d want us to tell you, right? Sydney, meet Lemon Rose. And we think you’re going to like this one—especially if you have one heck of an appetite (which we all know you do). If you’re a fan of anything slow-cooked (like beef brisket), chicken drenched in olive oil, onions, rosewater and lemon juice, or chunky potatos boiled in secret herbs and spices and (obviously) donuts, we think you guys are going to get along juuuuust fine.

Over The Moo

Prepare your stomachs for the ultimate ice-cream truck. Over The Moo is definitely on par with all the standards you’d expect from an ice cream truck, with flavours beyond deliciousness, complete with sundaes, brownie bits, sprinkles and cookie chips all making an appearance. And FYI, ICYMI all the ice cream is dairy free (lactose intolerant and vegan pals unite).

Dolce Bacio 

Look, there can never be too many dessert trucks so we’re doing you all a favour and throwing another irresistible iced-goods van right at your face (you’re welcome in advance). And this one is a total win for Sydney folk because if there’s one thing we love, it’s damn fine gelato. And it doesn’t really get any better than scoops of artisanal gelato tucked into a puffy brioche sandwich. Yep, we’d drive anywhere for the good stuff. 


Let’s be honest, the Greeks know how to sweet treat. Like really well. And it’s no surprise really that the new foodie truck Lukumades has found our weak spot for donuts (not that we do a good job of keeping that one on the down low). Let us paint what’s going on here for you: handcrafted donuts drizzled in Nutella, and topped with crushed Oreos, or oozing salted caramel (or both). Yep, these golden beauties are worth the hunt.

If donuts get you going too, check out these awesome treats! 

Image credit: Lukumades

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