30 Things That Happen When You Do Yoga For 30 Days
By Simone Jovel - 27 Sep 2017

Let’s be real for a moment. I am by no means a yogi and I definitely cannot touch my toes. So when I heard about BodyMindLife’s… Read More +

Sydney’s Best Pilates Studios
By Angela Law - 11 Sep 2017

If there's anything we love, here at The Urban List, it's a multi tasker. And Pilates is nothing if not the ultimate multi tasker.… Read More +

Everything You Need To Know About This Season’s Hottest Exercise Trend | SpeedFit
By Phoebe McRae - 05 Sep 2017

Summer is coming and unfortunately, it’s time to crawl out from the covers, give up your Netflix subscription, stop snacking on bowls… Read More +

Sydney Just Scored A Hidden Luxe Barre Studio
By Ange Law - 09 Aug 2017

A new (and luxe AF) barre studio has just opened in the CBD. If you’re a fan of not thinking while you’re working out, but want… Read More +

Which Yoga Mat Should You Buy?
By Sophia Fukunishi - 13 Jul 2017

Not all yoga mats are created equal. Or so I quickly learnt after a particularly sweaty yoga sesh where I was slipping all over the place… Read More +

Where To Go Rock Climbing In Sydney
By Millie Hilton - 14 Jun 2017

No doubt there’s a thirst for adventures of the vertical (and sometimes upside-down) kind in Sydney. If chalking up, climbing all the… Read More +

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