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10 Reasons You Should NEVER Give Up Coffee!
By Rachel Lay - 22 Jun 2017

If you’ve clicked on this, we’re guessing you’re one of two kinds of people: you’re either really, really… Read More +

Pimp My Mi Goreng | 13 Ways To Improve Everyone’s Fav Packet Noodles
By James Shackell - 20 Jun 2017

Mi Goreng noodles are already as close to perfection as a 60c packet of vaguely suspicious and addictive flavourings are going to get.… Read More +

40 Things Your Parents Are COMPLETELY Obsessed With
By Daniel Colasimone - 20 Jun 2017

Without your parents it is likely you would not be alive right now. As their offspring, however, it is your duty to mock them endlessly.… Read More +

10 Impossibly Cruel Would You Rathers To Help You Find The One
By Anna May - 18 Jun 2017

Dating can be fun. But it can also suck harder than the fancy vacuum cleaner you bought and then never used. People are weird, people say… Read More +

20 Sydney-Only Pick Up Lines
By Anna May - 16 Jun 2017

Need a little help in the dating department? Join the club. When it comes to dating in Sydney, The Urban List is obviously your oracle for… Read More +

50 Ways To Give Back In Sydney
By Jessica Best - 13 Jun 2017

Sydney, it’s time to give back a little. We get it, life is kind of (read: absolutely) chaotic at times. Even though your heart is… Read More +

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