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By Phoebe McRae
8th Apr 2017

Let’s be real, we can never have too many reasons to love maple. Maple anything is a massive selling point for us, and we mean massive, like we’d write a whole article on it massive—oh wait.

It’s the sweet stuff that makes some of our favourite foods, at least 136% more awesome. Cue maple bacon, maple coffee and maple glaze chicken wings, and that’s just the beginning.

Here’s your seriously sweet guide to the best maple everything in Sydney.

BAE Burger @ Bangbang Cafe

Surry Hills

You need to be kick starting your day with the seriously good BAE burger from Bangbang. Yep, expect nothing short of gluttonous goodness with crispy maple smoked bacon, scramble eggs, smokey tomato relish and the softest milk bun in like… ever. Get on it.

Maple Coffee @ Tiger Mottle


You’re probably all hitting up Tiger Mottle for brunch and burgers (naturally) but there’s a good ol’ cup of joe with a hint of maple that you should really be getting into. Think a shot of maple syrup, a double ristretto and a sprinkle of chilli and cream on top. Yep, we’re drooling too.

Chicken Wings @ Pub Life Kitchen


These bad boys are hot, sticky, spicy, and we may or may not be slightly addicted to them. Sink your teeth into the beautiful buttery crunch of these wings, with an epic chilli coating and sweetness of maple. Tip: the sauce at the bottom of the plate is perfect for dipping fries in.

Maple Miso Lamb Chops @ Sokyo


So some bright spark at Sokyo has combined three pretty damn tasty eats; maple, miso and lamb chops. Stop it. And it’s totally acceptable to dig into these chops with your hands and then lick the basting off your fingers. We would highly recommend that you do just that.

The Chicken Burger @ Originals Burger Co


It’s a known fact that the chicken burgers at Original Burger Co are kind of (read: really) a big thing. If you’re a fan of crispy chicken, maple bacon (that’s why we’re all here of course) and creamy blue cheese, then friends, you’re going to have a good time.

Blame Fries Cream @ Bar Luca


Get your carb-craving bellies to Bar Luca for the feed of the Century (not an exaggeration). Because when you have a Blame Canada maple burger that’s a huge hit, it only makes sense to turn that into a dessert, amirite? Known as the dessert game changer, this heavy hitter has fries (duh), vanilla ice-cream, maple bacon, beef fat caramel and chocolate sprinkles. We didn’t want abs anyway.

Maple Brown Butter Doughnut @ Short Stop


All hail the maple brown butter doughie at Short Stop. This sweet little ring of goodness is everything we want and more. Can confirm that buying just one is a major struggle.

Maple Smoked Labne @ Pazar Food Collective


So if we found a maple smoked labne, you’d want us to tell you, right? Well lucky for the maple-enthused folk of Sydney, Pazar is plating up a sweet, sweet serving of just that. The labne here is combined with apricot jam, pistachios and chilli piquin. And we effing love it.

Ricotta Toast @ Bowery Lane


We’re kind of already salivating at the sound of this but guys, Bowery Lane do a mean French toast. And by mean, we mean tantalisingly delicious AF.  We’re talking egg custard, soaked brioche, ricotta vanilla cream and seasonal fruit. And ginger maple syrup. Lots of ginger maple syrup.

Sliders @ Small Bar

Crows Nest

Get your double hit of maple at Small Bar, with their beef brisket sliders. Yep, when you order these babies up, expect a juicy outer-body experience stuffed with maple bacon, maple mayo and then pickles (you know, for good measure). Because one serving of maple isn’t enough, obvs.

Maple Cured Ham @ LP’s Quality Meats

Surry Hills

FYI the Berkshire ham at LP’s is loaded with goodness. It’s shiny, juicy and guys, the maple cured, apple smoked shoulder is a memorable experience. Do not miss it.

Maple Jelly @ Restaurant Hubert


Yep, maple bacon isn’t the only kind of maple food you can devour in Sydney. For when you want to be just a little bit fancy, Restaurant Hubert is the place to go. And we’ll have you know the duck parfait with liver mousse and maple syrup jelly absolutely changes your life. Too much? Didn’t think so.

Speaking of bacon, there's a festival you should know about.

Image credit: Herson Rodriguez

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