The Best Spots To Chuck A Sickie In Sydney

By Jessica Best
11th Apr 2017


Cough, cough. Oh yeah, we’re definitely feeling a hangov—we mean—“head cold” coming on. Lucky for us, it’s basically an Aussie right of passage to chuck a sickie (more than once in your life too).

Whether you plan to catch up on Netflix, do some day-tripping fun around Sydney, or want to soldier on with a boozy bender (no judgement here), we’ve got you covered. Well, except for that foolproof excuse you’ll need to email your boss.

Here are the best spots to chuck a good ol’ ‘Strayan sickie in Sydney.

  1. First up: bed. No doubt you’re hung over AF. Don’t stress, here’s the best Netflix docos you can fix it with.
  2. Walk from Bondi to Bronte at noon.
  3. Visit the penguins at the Sydney Aquarium.
  4. Visit the Sydney Float Centre. Naturally.
  5. Sneak an early morning swim at Kutti Beach.
  6. Explore Barangaroo (food, wine, more food… sounds good to us) and LOL at all the suits that went to work that day.
  7. Bypass the weekend crowds and picnic at Clifton Gardens.
  8. Hire a bike at Centennial Park, because if you’re going to stack it, it may as well be while everyone is still at work.
  9. Sneak on into Wild Life Sydney Zoo, the best way to see all the animals is when it’s practically empty! 10. Have an extended boozy brunch at the Boatshed (and you’ll obvs get your mates in on this one).
  10. Culture yourself alllllll day at the MCA.
  11. Let’s just say we’ve all dreamed of ditching work and hitting up Wet n Wild instead, now’s your chance.
  12. Revamp your wardrobe and take to the shops at the Intersection in Paddington.
  13. Spend your day exploring the Auburn Botanic Gardens.
  14. Set-up an all day picnic at Lane Cove National Park.
  15. Capsize without the usual crowds at Audley Boatshed.
  16. Take over Luna Park being the kidult that you are.
  17. Mid-week “Sunday” session at the Frisco Hotel anyone?
  18. Go for high tea at the Gunners Barracks because you are one classy individual.

If that doesn't suffice, Sydney's maple flavoured everything spots should do it. 

Image credit: Nerd Reactor

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