The Best Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Sydney

By Simone Jovel
29th Mar 2016

Things to do in sydney

Okay, okay, we get that you know Sydney and that you’ve probably done ALL the things, but, even for the most in the know Sydneysiders there are things in this gorgeous metropolis of ours that you have either a) never done or, b) always meant to do but never got around to doing, this is that list.

Here are ten of the best things you didn’t know you could do, and should totally want to do, in and around Sydney.

#1 Find Noah at the Audley Boatshed 

Royal National Park

Row your boat to shore and have your own Notebook moment in the stunning surrounds of the Royal National Park. Open seven days a week and only 30kms out of the CBD, this is the sort of outing that you can do any old time. You can also hire a mountain bike or a take a stroll while you’re down there.

#2 Yoga on water


So you think you can paddle board? Sydney yogis, it’s time to up your yoga game and perfect your downward dog on water. Whether you’re a fan of the kayak or more keen on the paddle board you can take in the surrounds of Manly while you test your strength and most importantly, your balance. 

#3 Bury the hatchet, throw an axe

St Peters

If you’re obsessed with Vikings you can now get your Ragnar Lothbrok on and throw an axe like the best of them. Maniax offers social and competitive axe throwing. Yes guys, this is a legit sport. There are even coaches around the place to help you perfect your throw.

#4 Start a Dodgeball team


Grab your mates, your matching team shirts and get ready to battle it out with balls at Dodgeball Sydney. With a new location in Fairfield along with their original home in Five Dock, these guys will teach you the rules and have you on your way to being a Dodgeball master in no time.

#5 Jump up, jump up and get down 


An indoor trampoline park?! Say no more. This is all your childhood dreams in one place where you can jump, twist, twirl and flip like the best of them on more than 100 trampolines. There’s also a giant inflatable bubble, otherwise known as The Big Bag which is a whole lotta fun hanging out in a sea of cushiony foam.

#6 Eat all the Chocolate 


Because we all know you make more friends with chocolate, a walking tour devoted to chocolate is a sure fire way to have a darn good Saturday out. This tour in the heart of the CBD will showcase, and taste test, some of Sydney’s best chocolatiers and teach you a thing or two about our favourite treat.

#7 Dancing in the dark at No Lights No Lycra 

Bondi and Newtown

Take those moves of yours to No Lights No Lycra’s free form dance class. You’ll boogie, shimmy and do the moonwalk all in the dark. Created for the pure joy that is busting a move, there’s no set moves to learn rather it’s all about feeling the music and going wherever you let it take you. 

#8 Turn Japanese in the Auburn Botanic Gardens


Step into your own Japanese oasis at the Auburn Botanic Gardens. You’ll fool all your Instagram followers into thinking you’re wandering around Kyoto with over 9.2 hectares to explore. Don’t miss the Autumn Festival in May and, our personal favourite, the Cherry Blossom Festival in August.

#9 Food Night Safari 

Surry Hills

Stroll your way around some of Surry Hills’ finest on this food night safari tour. You’ll take in some of the best this foodie mecca has to offer, where you’re guaranteed to try something new, chat with a chef or two and, because everyone knows that the best people are people who love to eat, you’re guaranteed to be hanging out with others who are as equally amazing as your good self. 

#10 Get Nude at Lady Bay Beach

Lady Bay Beach

Also known as Lady Jane Beach, cozzies are optional here as this is where you’re encouraged to get your kit off and let it all hang out as you enjoy some spectacular views… of the harbour people, geez. Just a short ferry ride away in the South Head of Sydney Harbour National Park, it’s a great place to spend the next sunny day.

#11 Bubble Soccer

Yes the name says it all, this is soccer in a giant inflatable bubble and it’s awesome! With different sizes for kids through to adults, grab your mates and get ready to roll around. There are numerous locations across Sydney and if you happen to have your own field they’ll even come to you. 

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Image credit: Bubble Soccer

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