The Hills Just Scored A Fab New Bagel Joint

By Ange Law
13th Dec 2017


Go and grab yourself a batch brew, pull up a seat and listen in. We need to have a chat, team. The Baron boys have just opened a bagel café in Bella Vista and oooooh boy, you need to head here. If you’re a local then you already know how freaking good this place is (these guys wouldn’t have it any other way), but for those of you who couldn’t fathom crossing the bridge for something like a bagel, welllll all that’s about to change. 

These guys pretty much brought good coffee to the Hills when they opened The Baron, then they nailed the takeaway formula when they partnered up with Nathan Hindmarsh for The Tuckshop. Now, it’s all about bagels and productivity—welcome to Good Fella Coffee. This is where all the O.G. Baz legends (read: really, really good guys) now work—so if you’ve been wondering where their friendly faces disappeared to recently, you’re welcome. 

good fella

Hiding in the Norwest Business Park (sounds sexy, no?), Good Fella is a concrete-clad coffee shop where bagels are king (and damn delicious). They bake them in-house daily and then hand the control over to you to choose your toppings. Because options. I’m personally partial to a classic sesame with avo combo, and the reason it’s so delicious, besides the fact they’ve just nailed it with these bagels, is the cheeky little sprinkle of chilli flakes on top. So simple. So necessary. If you’re not really into the millennial cliché like I am, keep it classy with the pastrami. Really, you can’t go wrong. 

good fella

The offering here is small but concise with salads, bagels, sandwiches and big ol’ slab-style pizzas. That means you can either live that carb life with the bagels I mentioned earlier, a big fat sub (hellloooo porchetta) and pizza or go the lighter route with a healthy salad filled with things like pumpkin, quinoa and fennel. Add poached chicken to reach next level status. 


I headed here for brekky, and because variety is the spice of life, I ordered up big with a bagel AND granola. Plus, a soy flat white and a batch brew. This bad boy is stuffed with coconut yoghurt, seasonal fruit and a house made granola and please don’t judge me when I say that I scoffed the lot. That says a lot more about me than the portion sizes… trust me.

Head here for great banter, an epic feed and (as per usual) a seriously good brew.


Image credit: Carla Dibbs

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