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By Simone Jovel
10th Feb 2016

Every month, one member of The Urban List team will be sharing what they are currently obsessing over—and surprise! It’s not just food. This month Simone Jovel, from our Sydney Content Team, shares what’s on her radar. From her Campari loving ways to her not so secret TV obsession, this is what’s on Simone’s radar this month.

Campari, Soda and Orange

My go-to after work bevvy this summer, and let’s face it every other season really, these go down a treat on a humid Sydney eve.

My New Numerallas 

New kicks are always; always exciting. But these babies upped my excitement levels recently by being not only comfy, but seriously good looking and perfect for my walk to work.

Stanbuli in Enmore

These guys have breathed new life into the Maria Louise Salon on Enmore Road but thankfully kept the original façade. I love everything about this place, the tiles they’ve imported from Turkey, the gorgeous bar, the overall ambience and of course their take on Turkish meze. 

Cop Shows

I seem to have developed a thing for men and women in uniform and lately I’ve become rather obsessed with Chicago PD. This is also due in part to my One Tree Hill obsession and the fact Sophia Bush has a starring role. Also, ICYMI, J-LO is now a pistol-wielding detective. Yep, Shades of Blue, get on it, you’re welcome.

Audrina by Michael Kors

Watches are a great way to add your signature style to an otherwise simple outfit. I haven’t added a new one to my collection for a while and Audrina is top of my list.

Lawn Bowls

After achieving what can only be described as the lawn bowl equivalent of world domination on Australia Day (OK so by world domination my team beat our friend’s team in bare foot bowls)I’m now all about combining weekly socialising with an activity.

MIMCO Offbeat Hip Bag

This is the perfect size for all the things you actually need as opposed to all the things I used to lug around with me when I had a bigger handbag. It has also helped to curb my receipt hoarding habit.

Iced Lattes

Caffeine is definitely my drug of choice and I am also a strong believer that coffee goes really well with ice, especially when it’s a double shot and drunk through a straw.

The Big Apple

Come April I’ll be landing in JFK to spend nearly two weeks in the city that never sleeps with my BFFs. One of the highlights before any trip is planning where I’m going to eat and right now that also includes which foodie walking tour I’m going to take. At this stage it looks like there’s going to be a lot of walking.

Re-runs of The Sopranos

So my trip O/S in April also sees me hitting up New Jersey to fulfil one of my ultimate TV bucket list dreams, The Sopranos Tour. Part of the tour includes a quiz, and I intend to win.

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