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The Negronly Choice | Sydney’s Best Negronis

By Simone Jovel
3rd Aug 2016

Sydney's Best Negronis

If there is one individual who deserves a round (or two) on the house it is Count Negroni’s bartender. This legend of a man is the one responsible for creating, hands down, the best cocktail in the history of the world, (disclaimer: the writer of this article is openly bias AF when it comes to her cocktail of choice) and one that has seen a renaissance amongst Sydney’s bar scene.

If you love a negroni, you only want the best, where the equal parts of gin, vermouth and Campari come together in the most perfect way, on the rocks and with a slice of orange. 

So, with this in mind, we have rounded up the best negronis in Sydney for your drinking pleasure.

Earl’s Juke Joint


In an unassuming former Betta Meats butchery you will find one of our favourite cocktail bars in Sydney. Pasan Wijesena nails the classic negroni flavour time and time again at his saloon style bar in Newtown, where we recommend our fellow negroni lovers arrive early to nab themselves a seat. 

Lobo Plantation


Venture down the staircase and you’ll end up in a Cuban state of mind at this Sydney cocktail bar. While rum might be the hero when it comes to the menu, they make a mean negroni, complete with etched glassware and a delicately twirled rind of orange—you won’t be disappointed.



Negronis on tap. Yep, negronis on tap. Their fusion of Tanqueray Gin, Campari & sweet vermouth is oh so good and did we mention, their negronis are on tap? We’ll just let that sink in.

Darlo Country Club


Taking up residence in what was once the old Victoria Room the Darlo Country Club is one place you need to know about. With Californian country club vibes and a food menu that is quite frankly not what you would expect from a place that turns into the ideal location to bust a move or two in the wee hours, the negroni here is your next nightcap.

Republic Dining


Republic Dining recently opened with a brand new lush interior and a seriously decadent food menu. What stayed the same was the team’s extensive drinks knowledge for both wine and cocktail classics, don’t be surprised if they can guess your drink order before you get a chance to speak, one guess what they gave us. 



Kittyhawk is the latest offering from the team that brought the Lobo Plantation to our fair city, making it no surprise that there’s a damn good negroni hiding inside this new Sydney bar. We’ve moved on from Cuba to find ourselves in Paris circa 1944 and boy oh boy we aren’t complaining. There’s over 900 spirits here and a magical three go into making one mighty fine classico.

The Rook 


The team at The Rook are adding the spice to our negroni flavour with the signature house spiced negroni. Using Four Pillars Spice Negroni Gin which is highly aromatic, rich and you guessed it spicy, this beverage packs a delicious punch.

Bellagio Café

Bondi Junction

Whether it is the straight up favourite of Tanquery gin, Dolin vermouth and Campari stirred over Hoshizaki ice to create the perfect classic complete with orange peel or their take on the white Negron, Bellagio Café in Bondi Junction is a regular go-to. Their white negroni is barrel aged with Tanquery gin, Gentian Liquor and Lilet Blanc before being aged in American oak barrels, and we guarantee you’ll want to get your lips around this one guys.

Della Hyde


While we love the classic, who doesn’t, and the one at Della Hyde is definitely worth a cheeky taste for the purists amongst us, there’s something a little different on the menu at this Sydney bar. The cold drip Count Negroni is a gin-infused dream with orange aperitif, sweet vermouth and orange bitters for a little something else.

Palmer and Co


Step back in time to prohibition when the dresses are dazzling, the barmen are dapper (we’re serious, they all are)… a place where you can lose yourself to the music and quickly forget about time. A regular on the list for Sydney’s best cocktails the negroni from these parts is so good we wouldn’t be surprised if you chose to forego their rather epic cocktail list.

3 Weeds


In a nod to all things ‘straya mate why not treat those tastebuds to an all Aussie negroni from the 3 Weeds team in Rozelle. A mix of Aussie made Italian Bitters from South Australia, 78 Degrees Gin and Maidenii Sweet vermouth, this simple twist is as fair dinkum as they come. 

Restaurant Hubert


This Sydney restaurant and bar is open late on weeknights making it a new favourite amongst the city’s midweek drinkers. From the team that brought us the likes of Shady Pines, The Baxter Inn and everyone’s favourite pizza place, Frankie’s pizza, this is the place for a long list of top notch classic cocktails including the reason why we’re all here, a smooth negroni.

Eau de Vie


If there was ever magic happening behind a bar, the team at Eau de Vie in Darlinghurst are those magicians. These guys pay homage to the classics, serving up the negroni with Bulldog gin, Campari, and house sweet vermouth to round out the trifecta.

Zeta Bar


We love a good side of rooftop views when it comes to our next cocktail date and Zeta Bar in Sydney’s CBD combined some amazing surrounds with a team of bartenders that aren’t shy of an award or two. The negroni in these parts is classic, consistent, and damn right perfect.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

Negroni Sbagliato literally translates to the wrong negroni, but don’t let the name fool you. With the added dash of prosecco it has perfect day drinking choice written all over it. 

The guys from classic Italian restaurant, Lucio’s shared this great negroni recipe with us.

Blood Orange Negroni Sbagliato


  • Juice of one small (or half a large) blood orange (we love the Redbelly Citrus variety)
  • 30 ml Campari
  • 30 ml red vermouth
  • Dash of prosecco
  • Slice of blood orange for garnish


  1. In a tumbler place a slice of blood orange then fill the glass with ice.
  2. Pour in Campari, red vermouth and blood orange juice, stir to chill. Top with a dash of prosecco.

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso at Kittyhawk 

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