The Nutella Donut Milkshake That People Are Losing Their Brains Over

By Sophia Fukunishi
6th Aug 2015

We’re not sure what it is that makes us as humans go so nuts about something that is clearly so bad for us, but here we are and here is the Nutella donut milkshake from Sydney café, Foodcraft Espresso.

Essentially a Nutella filled donut atop a Nutella flavoured milkshake, the “Tella Ball Shake” will cost you $10 to drink and about ten thousand hours to burn off at the gym. And like many insane food mash-ups, the internet world is losing their brains over this one.

We’re guessing that due to the press this bad boy is getting (yes, we’re well aware we’re contributing to the hysteria) that the lines are going to be pretty epic. But think of the Instagrams! Think of the internet glory! All those double taps could be yours with a visit to Foodcraft Espresso.

If you’re serious about your sweet tooth, nuts about Nutella, or simply want to make your dentist work for their money, get slurping on the Tella Ball Shake.

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Image credit: Foodcraft Espresso

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