ICYMI Sydney Has A New Foodie Haven With Putt Putt & Bowling

By Elise Cullen
1st Oct 2018

Droolworthy restaurants are one thing, but countless droolworthy restaurants under one roof with kidult fun at arm’s reach? Next level. Enter The Piazza - The Hills District’s foodie haven, where food and fun got married and had delicious babies.

“Hasn’t The Piazza been there for years?” we hear you ask. Why yes, yes it has. Gold star for you. But to say The Piazza has been revitalised would be an understatement. Boasting loads of fresh hotspots, The Piazza is jam-packed with everything we love and more. Our advice? Hit up a tasty haunt first, let your food settle (safety first, people) and then dive head first into rounds of mini golf, bowling, karaoke or escape rooms (YAS).


Here at The Urban List, we’re forever rubbing our food baby bellies and eager to wrap our hands ‘round the latest and greatest delicious offering - and The Piazza has it in spades. From mountainous Nutella pancakes and juicy burgers to ridiculous ramen and finger-lickin’ fried chicken, we’d recommend wearing your stretchy pants to this bad boy.

On a scale of one to ten in amazingness, Betty’s Burgers is a solid 11. The only hard part here is choosing a burger! If you’re borderline vego, then the Shroom Burger could be the burger to turn you. Bursting with crispy mushroom, heavenly Gouda and too-good Gruyere cheese, it’s the bee’s knees of burgers. Drenched in sriracha (*drools*), The Pork Belly Burger is an absolute banger, but – and call us unadventurous if you must – we’re all about The Betty’s Classic (not even sorry).

If sugar is the game and sweet tooth is your middle name, then you must not skip Tella Balls. Famed for its brioche doughnuts filled with Nutella and dusted with sugar, Tella Balls is a dessert bar reimagined. Golden Gaytime Lasagne? Sure. Nutella Fish and Chips? Why not. There’s no counting calories here. It’s all about that sweet, sweet sugary goodness.

Not afraid to go fried? Gami is your go-to; it’s the OG of chicken and beer. Tuck into crispy, crunchy, golden fried chicken and wash it all down with a chilled, refreshing beer. Oh, did we mention they also have mouth-watering corn kernels soaked in seared mozzarella cheese?!

Hungry yet? ‘Coz we certainly are! We could talk all day about the list of deliciousness, with Kaito and Taste of Shanghai to name a few - but don’t just take our advice, go and check ‘em all out for yourself.


Oh, so you think you’re putt stuff? If you have a slightly inappropriate competitive streak (like us), then The Piazza is where you can unleash. Mix it up with endless rounds of putt putt, karaoke, bowling and escape rooms; it’s a fail-proof way to keep a mundane Saturday night at bay.

Holey Moley have seriously delivered the goods with their Hills District destination. Tee off and drink your way round 18 outlandishly themed holes over two courses – it’s impossible not to LOL. Cap it off with your best Beyonce or Bowie renditions in their karaoke rooms and boom – you’ve nailed your night. Beer and espresso martinis make you better at mini golf and karaoke, right?

But the fun doesn’t stop there, guys. Strike Bowling is just around the corner, and it also has… (dramatic pause) escape rooms! I mean, do you reeeeally know your mates if you haven’t done an escape room together? We think not. Planning to escape a room by crackin’ a puzzle with your mates when you’re a wee bit tipsy is a recipe for disastrous fun. Oh, and did we mention The Piazza also has an iPlay arcade AND Event Cinemas?! Seriously - there are too many activties to choose from.  

If all of this sounds right up your (bowling) alley, then hop to it. This is one date night that'll have bae cheering. 

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