The Reuben Hills Team Are Opening A Hotel!

By Phoebe McRae
25th Aug 2017

If you don’t believe in stay cays, you’re about to—the team behind your fave coffee joints (aka Reuben Hills, Paramount Coffee Project and Bondi Hall) are building a super swanky hotel.

Located just above PCP on Commonwealth Street in Surry Hills, the hotel will house the existing Golden Age Cinema and the highly anticipated second restaurant from the legends Ester. You know what that means—room service by Ester (yes, we’re serious).

Expect 29 rooms filled with a whole lot of lush greenery, Aesop everything and the softest beds you’ve ever slept in.

Believe in stay cays now? Of course you do.

Paramount House Hotel is expected to open in early 2018.

Can't wait? Get your Reuben Hills fix now.

Image credit: Paramount House Hotel 

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