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The Trufflenator Burger Is Coming To Sydney’s East (For One Day Only)

By Sophia Fukunishi
11th Mar 2016

trufflenator dee why hotel

If you thought Sydney was going loco for burgers in 2015, then your head must be imploding in 2016 because the burger train is showing no signs of slowing and it’s on the express route to your belly.

Meet “The Trufflenator”, the behemoth monster burger created by the guys at Dee Why Hotel. It’s a beast of a burger that comprises of a wagyu beef patty, crispy bacon, American cheese, onion rings, and a whole lotta truffle infused goodness—we’re talking truffle mayo, truffle butter, truffle-infused provolone and a generous drizzling of truffle maple syrup—all housed between a wonderfully soft Japanese milk bun.

Now, you’d think that a burger of this magnitude would simply rely on its OMG-factor. But no, this burger is actually delicious and well worth the travel time (if you don’t live in the Northern Beaches) and all the extra hours at your HIIT class. 

For one glorious day, folks south of the bridge can get in on the Trufflenator action, and we have all the details. Take notes, people, you don’t want to miss this…

Get your burger lovin’ butts to The Light Brigade Hotel in Woollahra on Thursday 17th March for lunch or dinner (or until they sell out). These bad boys will cost you $18.50 each, and you *probably* won’t need to eat for the rest of the day/week. 

So we’ll see you there, yeah? We’ll be wearing our loosest pants.

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Image credit: Dee Why Hotel (soz guys, the truffle fries won't be available at the burger pop-up)

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