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There’s A New Bar On The Block | Gurdys Verdict

By Ally Parker
16th Aug 2017


There’s something to be said for good old love and affection. We’d do just about anything for our pets to love us back already, and TBH, we still refer to manicures as ‘holding hands for 20 minutes’. 

Love and affection, it turns out, also work wonders in the bar biz. 

With 30 years experience between them at places like Newtown’s Bank Hotel and the Brunswick Hotel in Hobart, Gurdys is a passion project run by husband-and-wife team Clare and Brett Davis. And boy does it show. 


Gurdys is small—but not too small—and relaxed. Despite being open a few short weeks, it has a ‘we’ve been here forever’ sort of comfort. Some of this is no doubt due to The Interiors Sorceress aka Belinda Cendron who fitted the space, but a lot goes to the owners who have given the King Street spot due diligence.

In a classic example of ‘knowing your audience’, Gurdys caters well to the vegan and vegetarian crowd, but also their meat-eating mates. On the menu nestled next to the vegan Green Dog (with ‘dog’ by former locals Suzy Spoon) are hearty meatballs and beef cheeks. Their cheeseburger is an easy favourite (best accompanied by Mountain Goat beer on tap) and the arancini balls, made with shallots and ginger, are one of owner Brett’s favourites. Groups can also opt for share plates and give everything a taste.


The wine or ‘fun’ list is curated in such a way to encourage people to get out of their house and try something new. And by golly we like it. Adventurous patrons should try the Moorooduc Pinot Gris on Skins from Mornington Peninsula, a white wine masquerading as a red, served at room temperature. You’ll be asking, ‘What arrrrre you?!’ until closing. 

The Bloody Mary cocktail contains a mix the owners have been tinkering with for 15 years, so be sure to grab one of those too. Oh, and a Hurdy Gurdy which, aside being fun to say, contains a house made concoction of pilsner and honey (is now a good time for Paula Abdul’s ‘Opposites Attract?’ Okay, is anytime good?). 


Finally, prepare yourself for a sweeping declaration:

Dessert belongs in bars. 

Full? Nope, there’s room for Gurdys Oreo S’mores. Seriously. Featuring dulce de leche made by Brazilian chef Nilton Neto, Oreo crumble and toasted marshmallow, these s’mores are a must try. Those keen on something a little warmer can try a Hot Toddy cocktail with Monkey Shoulder whisky, honey and lemon. 


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Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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