Think You Know Sydney? These 10 Things Will Surprise You!

By Sophia Fukunishi
12th Jan 2016

bars in sydney

It’s pretty easy to understand why we’re so darn smug when it comes to this city of ours. We have some of the best beaches in the world, our harbour is a thing of beauty, good burgers are plentiful, and we’ve many things to do in Sydney on any given night that we’re a bit spoilt for choice. 

But no matter how well we think we know our city, there’s always something new to be learnt. Here are some lesser known facts about Sydney (some of which might surprise you!).

#10 We’re a little bit into ourselves

Sydneysiders take more selfies than any other capital in Australia. We also take more photos of ourselves than our food. Hey if you’ve got it…

#9 Our spidey-senses are tingling

Earlier this year we won the World Record for the most number of people dressed as Spiderman congregated in the same place (438 to be precise). It’s a fairly specific kind of record, but we’ll take it.

#8 Old mate George

The oldest main street in Sydney, nay, Australia, is good old George Street in the city. It also has the most number of high rise buildings than any street in Oz aaaaand is probably the most annoying street to walk down when you’re trying to get anywhere fast (not a proven fact, but still damn frustrating).

#7 Cocktail game strong

We have some really excellent cocktail bars in Sydney and the rest of the world would appear to agree. Sydney venues Bulletin Place and The Baxter Inn were named at #6 and #28 respectively in the World’s 50 Best Bar Awards this year, so get sipping!

#6 But first, coffee

We’re the most likely capital to buy fresh coffee and are the least likely to buy instant (and we thought Melburnians were the coffee snobs). Over an average three months, we’ll visit at café for coffee or tea at least once—or twice a day if you’re anything like us at The Urban List.

#5 Fancy pants dining

Two Sydney restaurants have graced the top 100 restaurants in the world list (no mean feat when you look at the competition). Quay ranked #58 and Sepia ranked #84 which proves that Sydney is killing it when it comes to high end eats.

#4 More Tim Tams!

A whopping 3,000 Tim Tams are pumped out PER MINUTE at Sydney’s Tim Tam Factory and uses 20 tonnes of the creamy filling and 27 tonnes of sweet, sweet chocolate coating every working day. 

#3 Two metre pizzas exist

We were pretty excited when one metre pizzas became an option at some of Sydney’s best pizza restaurants, but then Via Napoli completely changed the game with a two metre pizza. Definitely bring a group with you, as you’re going to need as many hungry bellies as possible to polish off this bad boy.

#2 A veggie patch with a view

Did you know that Clark Island used to be a vegetable garden? With its prime position on the harbour, we don’t think kale, carrots and cucumbers have ever had a better view.

#1 On yer bike!

We love to get out and about on our bikes, according to City of Sydney, with 23% of people riding a bicycle in the last month and 17.2% in the last week. No wonder why we’re looking good and taking all those selfies!

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Image credit: Daryl Kong at The Baxter Inn

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