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This Brand New Instagram Feature Is Going To Save You Serious Heartache

By Sophia McMeekin
15th Jun 2017

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The kids at Instagram have wised up to the fact that our ‘grid’ has surpassed actual human personalities as the purest representation of who we are as people, and as such we need ultimate editing control to maintain the illusion of perfection (and consistent use of that filter you’ve been working since 2013).

Enter, the new Archive feature. This new Insta feature—ideal for anyone prone to frequent, temporary break ups, excessive use of boomerangs when excited, or prolific drunk posting—allows you to remove pics from your grid without permanently deleting them, so you won’t lose your precious “memories” (ahem…likes and comments) while maintaining your personal brand.  

To give it a whirl, update your app, then jump into one of your photos and hit the ‘…’ function to the top right of the image. You’ll find a handy new ‘archive’ option, which allows you to remove the image from your grid, sending the image to a private gallery only you can see.

Best of all, the archive feature also lets you resurrect archived images, so they’ll appear back in your grid in their original chronological order (just select ‘Show on Profile’). Instagram won’t notify your many fans when you’re archiving and resurrecting pics, because that would just be embarrassing. 

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Image credit: Just Like Sushi

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